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Name: Charmander
Appears In: Pokemon

Charmander is a small Fire-type lizard Pokemon. It likes to burst out of buildings in Saffron City while shouting its name. It eventually evolves into Charizard, who is considered by Game Freak to be the only Pokemon in existence. As for Charmander: don't let its cutesy appearance fool you; it was known to the denizens of YouChew as the edgiest Pokemon around. It has a gun and swears... or might've just been a reaction image that carried a second wind through a user's strange dislike of Pokemon.

On YouChew[edit]

In the old General Chat threads, people often discussed mundane goings on in their lives. Worstnightmare12 posted "Salamence learned Flamethrower," presumably in reference to a Salamence he was training in a Pokemon game. Legendary forum enigma MASTERFURRYX responded by using the Charmander image seen to the right as a reaction image. The combination of MASTERFURRYX's bizarreness and Charmander's dopey expression made that specific Charmander picture a minor community injoke.

But wait, there's more! The origins of Charmander being called "edgy" come from appdirect, who in the early 2010s strongly disliked Pokemon (he's more or less indifferent these days), calling them "edgy versions of real life animals". In a waifu image spam thread in 2011, app called Pokemon an edgy version of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, and Crash2991 posted Charmander in response. app affirmed Charmander as edgy in the "Your Favourite YouChew Posts" thread by remarking "If a dinosaur with a burning tail isn't edgy then I don't know what it is." While NegroTed and other members responded by listing characters who were actually edgy and contrasting them to the cutesy lizard, the notion of such a non-edgy character being "edgy" was so amusing that the connotation stuck. In subsequent years, that picture of Charmander would often be posted whenever users said the word "edgy".



  • Its favorite member of U2 is the Edge.
  • It can learn Double-Edge via TM in Generation I, and via Move Tutor in several Generation III games.
  • It will die if the fire on its tail is extinguished - further proof of its edginess.

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