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The most powerful andriod ever.

Appears In: Dragon Ball
Age: 5 years old, actually.
Occupation(s): Android

Cell is a super powerful android created by Dr. Gero. One of the reasons he is strong is because he knows all of the Z fighter's moves, including the Kamehame-ha, Special Beam Cannon, and the Death Beam.

Cell's First Form[edit]

This is what cell looks like in his first form.

This is the form Cell took when he went around absorbing people, and actually calling them food.

People Absorbed By Cell[edit]

Here is a short list of people absorbed by Cell while running loose in town.

His moves at this form[edit]

  • Kamehame-ha
  • Solar Flare
  • Life Drain Attack
  • Galick Gun
  • Chaos (Dragon) Control (But he needs a Dragon Ball, the Dragon Ball Z equvilant of Chaos Emeralds.)

Cell's 2nd Form[edit]

  • After absorbing Android 17, he went for Android 18, to acheive his perfect form.
  • His new move, adopted from Vegeta, is the Big Bang Attack.
2nd Form Cell is pissed because we won't be making a list of people he's killed.
  • He tried to absorb #18, but Vegeta and his son, Trunks were in the way.
  • But later, Cell gets Vegeta to let him reach his perfect form by promising to kill Goku when he gets the chance to.

His Perfect Form[edit]

This is the powerful form of them all. He looks like that because he has the features of #18 and #17.

Perfect Body[edit]

In addition to his perfect form, he also has a form, where he is twice as strong as before. He threw up #18 and was reverted back to 2nd form Cell. As an act of revenge, he blew up and grew even stronger.

Solar Kamehame-ha[edit]

Cell was flabbergasted that he got beat by Gohan, so he fired a Kamehame-ha at full power. The father-son incestual duo, Cell was no match for.

People Defeated by Cell[edit]

  • Goku (In Dragon Ball Z)
  • Future Trunks
  • Vegeta
  • Almost everyone in his way while he was running in the town
  • Tien (Actually worn himself down by using too many Tri-Beams)
  • See above for more information.

Defeated by[edit]

Here are all forms of Cell at the same time.
  • Trunks - By using his time travel machine.