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bones as depicted by a street artist watching him play the sax close by in Times Square in 1991

Name: bones
Sex: dead
Age: a billion
Nationality: You
Occupation(s): skeleton

Bones is an informally named anthropomorphic skeleton, and the star of or directly related to the star of every video created by Ricesnot. He made his formal debut in the Youtube Poop world on March 14, 2012, in a video aptly titled after his name. bones typically appears in two forms, alternating at will between the two, documented in length below. His brothers are Oshare bones and Billy bones, and he is the nephew of Captain bones and the great grandson of BONELORD THE MAGNIFICENT.

OG Bones[edit]

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a very jovial bones
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bones in his day to day life
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restrained bones
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The Bone Crew, absolute top session aces who have a hard time not hogging the spotlight

OG Bones is the earliest form of bones, and for this sake of this page this iteration will be referred to as OG Bones. OG Bones is an actor generally portraying a pirate in his hit music video "rattle me bones" who is usually stuck to the steering wheel of his ship, singing raspily to you to both rattle and not rattle his bones. The only other inhabitants on the ship with him are his two bones crewmates, who play the saxaphones out of tune and little else, and four mischevious children who snuck on deck, inciting bones' wrath in the form of song. He invites you to Spin The Wheel for the treasure to take, but careful my friend, or he'll(referring to self in third person) rattle and shake. The four children fail to listen, and proceed to mercilessly make him rattle and shake through the course of 30 seconds. He will also invite you to turn the lights low, for there's a frightnin' glow but mentions that batteries are sold seperately. OG bones' favorite pasttime is inventing as many possible excuses to say his name and singing about ratting his bones, much to the children's displeasure. OG bones and his crew are versatile musicians, however, and have shown to know how to play quite a few songs. On one occasion has he has shouted to the children to not spin the wheel, as doing so sinks the entire ship. In "the making of 'rattle me bones'", Therapist is revealed to have been the video's director.


First appearing in this form in "bonejob", this is bones at his most complex and fleshed out as a character. He is often seen hanging out with and/or tormenting Therapist(whom he first sees via consultation in "violated bones"), and the two of them often get involved in many whimsical bone-related situations together, notably in the ongoing series "These Are The Mysteries", in which they both work as detectives while on the run from the authorities. bones has attempted prostitution, gotten his bones rattled as a result, killed several people(including his bone rattler), done time, starred in a Broadway musical, been savagely mauled by wild cats, sued the entire country of Spain for their dub of "rattle me bones", subsequently converted himself into a titanium Bone-orcycle after winning a settlement of ten million Spanish dollars, built an over 30,000 foot long roller coaster with no loop using the settlement money, locked himself in a giant safe and blew his skull off with a pop gun after having an epiphany over the exact nature of "the wheel", shat out every one of his bones except his head (while in character as OG bones), amongst many other amazing bone feats. Therapist has been present for just about every single one. Bones once died via suicide, had his bones ground into dust, but came fully back to life, revealing a secondary "haunt form"; his style of haunt is to usually follow a person around dancing endlessly on a repetitive beat until given 10 dollars to stop.

Fans of Bones[edit]

  • Ricesnot
  • BigBowsa
  • TheElusivePirate
  • omknee
  • Metroid998
  • hundreds of Bone Freaks
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The Three Bone Brothers all in one place; counterclockwise: Oshare bones, Billy bones and Bones(in haunt form)