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Billy bones

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Name: billy bones
Sex: dead
Age: a billion
Nationality: You
Occupation(s): All Seeing Skeleton

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The Three Bone Brothers all in one place; counterclockwise: Oshare bones, Billy bones and Bones(in haunt form)

billy bones is a toy skeleton component of a game called Ghost Hunt by MEGABLEU, first appearing in the Ricesnot video "billy bones". He is cursed with below-the waist paralysis and has spent an untold amount of time sitting on a table in an abandoned house projecting laser-ghosts on the walls with his eyes. He is in constant terror by the fact that he can see everything, including Your Anus and Sailor Uranus, and being surrounded by cunts who are always trying to shit the most ghosts out of their asses to be the winner, completely misunderstanding the game of billy bones. When appropriately described as an asshole, he screams "AAAAH! FUCK YOU!". He is the youngest brother of Bones and Oshare bones, and like the OG bones persona, is another tabletop game skeleton, much to billy bones' eternal frustration.

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