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Baby in King Pig Costume

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Name: Baby
Sex: Male
Age: Infant
Nationality: American


Once upon a time, a kid named Damien came to Youchew. Damien was a huge fan of Angry Birds. Damien decided to start an Angry Birds collab on Youchew. While this collab was originally not very well received, it had attracted the attention of several members after proper intervention. However, the entries many of these members made didn't feature the Angry Birds so much as they featured a small child in a green King Piggy Halloween outfit. Some of these entries were denied by Damien, so a separate collab was hosted by Dark Fox to exclusively feature the child.

Loyal Subjects[edit]


  • Angry Birds
  • Suicide
  • The Moon
  • Crack
  • Ray William Johnson
  • Being internet famous



  • "Be quiet Mom, I'm making a video for playing Angry Birds for Google Chrome, Jesus Christ!!"


  • Has been on various adventures, including:
    • Burning down Rovio Headquarters.
    • Flying using only a balloon.
    • Sitting on top of a skyscraper
    • Trying to buy crack in a back alley, then stabbing the dealer and going to jail.
    • Attempting suicide on various occasions.
    • Going to the moon.
    • Doing stand-up comedy.
    • Sneaking out to trashy smoothie shops.


The Collab: [1]