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Arashi no Yoru ni 2

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Arashi no Yoru ni 2: Mei's Gay Adventure (International Edition) A generic RPG Maker XP game Mei has been working on since 2008. It has been stated to be released as early as summer 2009, but its official release date has recently been confirmed to be December 27th, 2010.


Eleventybillion years ago, when the earth was still young, six holy knights of the pachinko variety fought against the evil god of destruction and sealed her away inside a microscope. Before this, however, the evil god prophesized that eleventybillion years from now, a group of six evil warriors known as the Wachinko Parriors, will rise and release her, so she can destroy the world. God decided to send the brave warriors to the future to stop the Wachinko Parriors, but unfortunately, during the time travel the great warriors lost all of their memories and went each on their own ways. God knew about this mistake and sent three of His agents, Cloud, Piano-chan and Ben Matlock to find the warriors and tell them about their past.

In the present, the world is recovering from the horrifying War on AIDS that took the lives of millions. Conrad Slater's Nazi Chewland had been annihilated by NATO, and the only thing left of the once glory nation, was an empty wasteland. After the elite returned from their evacuation camp Planet Freedom, they started rebuilding the country. The new Chewland is ruled by an unstable goverment led by TINS, Dopply, RabbitSnore and robotized Miss10. Not only are they struggling with the destruction that Conrad had caused, but also they are attacked by the skilled warlord Pimpsahoy, who is building an army out of Chewland's banished citizens and trying to take over the land with the help of ancient AIDS magic and weapons. Not only that, but some chewfags have started rebelling, blaming the violent behaviour of banished citizens to been caused by the current Chewland's strict goverment. The great leaders of Chewland, Rabbit and Dopply, decide to stop Pimpsahoy by personally attacking him. They must hurry, however, before he gets his hands on the hidden ancient weapon of mass destruction Mama Luigi, with which he could easily take over the whole world.

After the events of Arashi no Yoru ni, Mei and Gabu get banished from the Emerlad Forest, after the emperor of Japan cuts it down and builds his own private golf course on it. Evacuating to a small scottish village in Scotland, Mei and Gabu live a peaceful life there for a while. But then, one day Gabu is missing! Mei gets soon after visited by a sheep named Cloud, who prods him to help him find the six Pachinko Warriors. Then after teaming up with the ex-dictator of Chewland Conrad Slater and a bunch of other chewfags and their relatives, Mei goes on a crazy road trip to find Gabu and the warriors and help the chewfags to defeat the nefarious Pimpsahoy.

Meanwhile, Grim and his friends Lelestar Rose and Silvio Berlusconi are trying to stop the evil emperor of Japan from pulling off his holocaust plans to destory all of the gay animals in the world. They find it not an easy task, as they have to face off such evil threats as the general secretary of the communist party of Russia's central committee, the emperor's advisors Barii and WhollyRufus, the cunning skinhead gang leader Simon The Pieman and the mayor of Sanrio Town, Kitty White.

Eventually our heroes' paths cross as they have to fight the evil wizard Nicholas, the leader of the Wachinko Parriors, who plans on getting his hands on the EyeClops and release the ancient god of destruction Lutheal-dono to destroy the world.

Other exciting sideplots are the love/hate relationship of Professor Oak and Dr. Distorto, Cory's tragic family story, Captain Sir Rubber Ahoy's crazy adventures, etc.

Plus massive plots twists every 30 minutes to keep you interested (Character A being character B's brother, Character A being actually character B all along, controlled by character C and so on).



A goat with a pink scarf.


A wolf who befriends a goat with a pink scarf and fucks him in the butt.


An italian panda, who probably likes pasta and pizza, because that's all that I know of italians.

Lelestar Rose[edit]

Grim's BFF and Amy Hedgehog's sister (who is not appearing in this game). Is close friends with the highly skilled fighters The Koopa Bros and Koala Koopa.

Mii and Tapu[edit]

Mei's friends get the spotlight too.


Mei and Gabu's archenemy, seems to be in good terms with Nicholas.


A high-ranked Chewland parlament member who was once a great sports star.


Rabbit's love interest, who once worked for Conrad Slater's nazi party, and now acts as a badass freelance agent and bounty hunter.

Conrad Slater[edit]

The ex-dictator of chewland, who seems to be suffering from amnesia.


A wicked man-child.


The famous leader of a scat-related crime syndicate. Owns a city in England.

Billy Mack[edit]

Some pop star.

TheHappyFungus and MoogleBoss[edit]

A pair of bad people who work as comedy relief bosses working for various villains, to pay off their massive dept to Jing Wu.


A holy knight. Married to one of the Pachinko Warriors.


An evil wizard thought to be dead, who was once the king of Chewland. Leader of the Wachinko Parriors.


Piano-chan's recolor sister and the god of destruction.


There's over 100 chewfags appearing as visible and named characters, ~80 playable party members and about every single fad character I could fit in. Of course this is my game, so characters I like have much bigger priority, than what you'd like to see.


A generic 2D RPG with all the towns and dungeons and shiz. Plus, some dungeons have Zelda-ish puzzles in them and there's some stupid mini-games, like "Shoot the President". Some of the end-game bosses are extremely hard and the random encounter rate is high in several places so the game might not be suitable for beginner RPG players. Oh and there are gaydolons you can summon in battle and stuff.