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Simon Belmont Painting

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Vhsico.jpg This person is an Analogue Pooper.
User.jpg  This article is about Simon Belmont Painting, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.
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 This Pooper is Dormant and unclassified to be retired or on hiatus.

First Poop Watched[edit]

I believe it was "A Clockwork Yellow" by ophios back in Summer 2008-ish. I found it while looking up "The Dover Boys" out of nostalgia/boredom. However, I do vaguely recall watching a few of the early SheezyArt poops with my brother way back in 2004.


I enjoy using a variety of sources, mainly cartoons from the '60s to the '90s. Some sources, such as The Hardy Boys, Road Rovers, SWAT Kats, and Sherlock Hound have become staple sources for me. I like to find obscure sources to work with that have been largely untouched by the pooping community, and exploit them for all they're worth.

Preferred FX[edit]

  • Stuttering
  • Reversing
  • Screenflipping
  • Sentence Mixing
  • Masking
  • Color curves
  • Sentence Mixing

Preferred Editor[edit]

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 (since July 18, 2011).

List of Poops[edit]

  • The Only Road Rovers Poop Ever Made
  • Youtube Poop-Cyndi Lauper Fucks a Nazi
  • YTP-My Personal Private M.D. (later spun off into a Tennis round w/ Linux).
  • Youtube Poop-Bart Baker Jerks Off to His Dad (my most-viewed poop to date)
  • Youtube Poop-K.L.I.P.
  • YTP-Quiet Riot Gets Horny and Dies
  • YTP-Pongo Contacts the Center for Disease Control to Get His Groove Back
  • YTP-This Video is Banned in Germany (uses clips from "K.L.I.P" and "Pongo Contacts the...." poops, plus some new material).
  • YTP-Frarf Day
  • Youtube Poop-I'M AN EGGPLANT
  • YTP-A.S.S.
  • YTP-Captain N is Racist
  • Youtube Poop-Tammy Treehugger Puts a Coconut in Her Treehugger
  • The Hardy Boys Shit On Top of a Ferris Wheel (Premiere Test)
  • Mario Draws a Noodle
  • Mario Has Gay Sex With an Apple
  • Simon Belmont Comes Out (actually an earlier poop that I never bothered to upload 'til now)
  • Jason Derulo Perishes in a Fire
  • Katy Perry Has an Epiphany

Everything before this is crap. Don't watch them.

  • Colleen Rhymes Orange with Faggot
  • Exile Jingles All the Balls
  • Chubby Divides by Tampon
  • Hammerman Plays The Legend of Zelda
  • The Desert Queer
  • Sabrina Plays the Taco
  • iLose My Virginity
  • Eric Osborne Faps in Hell
  • Ant's a Marshmallow Pussy
  • Someone Like You
  • Adam Levine Has Sex With Old-School Radios
  • The Rhythm Boys Watch Birds Fuck
  • Foster the Furfags
  • Ke$ha is Dropped on Los Angeles
  • Stutter
  • I Made a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Poop
  • Adventures of TinTin: Cock in Stock
  • Mario's Quest for Great Danes
  • Seymour Smoke is a Drug Addict
  • Dr. Rabbit's Denny's Adventure
  • Gogo Moron-Busters Go!
  • The SWAT Kats Take a Ride on the Love Train
  • eyem meen (troll video for autumnithink, who kept forcing me into a tennis match with him)
  • Super Soup Show
  • Magic's Jarrapreserves
  • When Strikes Simplistic Manipulation of Audio/Video Material For Comedic Effect
  • Motown Philler
  • All Dem Girls Must Got Yo' Gas
  • An Allegorical Tale of Furfaggotry in the 1910's.
  • Madkat Breaks the 5th Law of Physics
  • Rick Perry is Anti-Christmas
  • Wired People (250 Subscriber Special)
  • Just a Little Mentally Handicapable
  • Moriarty Presses Too Many Coins
  • Sherlock Hound and the Phallic Fuselage

Tennis Matches[edit]

  • LinuxFP-June 2011
  • Awesome/MonsterSumable-July 2011
  • SashicX-September 2011
  • Torstein-November 2011
  • DrStudioManTonic-Janurary 2011
  • 1Superchops-March 2012


  • Palm Leaf Poop
  • Black and White Skunk
  • Blow Paul Whiteman's Whistle
  • King of the Icecaps
  • 4-Note YTPMV
  • Yes, Like a Pinhole Camera

Collabs I've Participated In[edit]

  • Poop Orgy-Papa Gonzales (Done)
  • TV Show/Movie Intro Collab-cantflyman/MountainDewMaNN (Done)
  • Innovation in Simplicity-Smonge (Done)
  • Black Comedy Colllab-DiscoGlacier (I have no clue what happened to it)
  • Megapoop Collab- TheRaz0rEdge (I guess it failed or something)
  • No-Reverse Collab- CaptainStringCheese (Failed, I think)
  • Harry Potter and the Combusken's Collab-Combuskenisawesome
  • The Sabrina Collab-Stuart K. Reilly
  • 1-2 Frame Collab-CorruptionSound
  • Dr. Rabbit Revival-Stuart K. Reilly
  • Simplicity 2.0 collab-chemistryguy
  • YTP: The Musical-Stuart K. Reilly

Collabs I've Organized[edit]

  • The MiniPoop Collab
  • Music Video Collab
  • SMBSS/Cap'n Lou Collab