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Rudy Larriva Disorder

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Rudy Larriva Disorder (RLD for short aka The Tiertex Curse, Road Runnerish - crappii directorus acceleratii fastus usagii tsukinous conditionum) is a pooper disease, quite similar to AIDS except the major difference is not the source material. It is named after Rudy Larriva because he did it.


This was known for 30 years after Rudy Larriva's last cartoon, but only researchers discovered it recently. It started when a Road Runner cartoon was talked about on Golden Age Cartoons and was bashed, however some fans loved the series as much as Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales (which Larriva also done).

The first known case was a Warner Bros. spoof from Tiertex called Spaced-Out Usagi; even though Sogturtle, leading cartoon researcher founded out it started with Greenback Koopa. Once affected with Sailor Moon AIDS (as Conrad Slater might put it), the pooper would slowly break down his/her creativity and use any of the three main characters whenever possible. It would then hit rock bottom by using stuff such as black and white or Makoto Kino showing her butt every eleven seconds. After this, the pooper would lose any ideas that were made and eventually go insane. However SMAIDS only applies to British people, not American or Japanese. Despite the name, the pooper may not have to make any Road Runner poops but the victims usually have.

There are three levels of this disorder.

  • Low Level RLD - The person is slightly affected but still has amazing ideas for poop. May only show one or two symptoms, maximum three.
  • Moderate Level RLD - The person is affected showing roughly four to seven symptoms. The poop with these main characters are not as regular, but treatment is possible.
  • Critical Level RLD - Eight to all ten symptoms. Person would run out of ideas and the brain would turn into slush, may have the opinion to think Haruka and Michru are a great couple, hail both Rudy Larriva and Naoko Takeuchi. In extreme cases..... the pooper may retire or even delete his account. Only Furnessly so far has this level with nine symptoms out of eleven.


There are only 10 symptoms as everything that involves with Larriva is in elevens, tens or in threes.

  1. Every video is slow and drags on longer than it needs to be.
  2. Credits to Rudy Larriva as director. If not, edits existing credits to have Rudy Larriva in them if not available.
  3. Obsecessed with Tiertex and think Indiana Jones is the best game ever. (rarest symptom)
  4. Uses lots of Wile E. Coyote falls and explosions. In extreme cases, the person uses explosions in every poop.
  5. Rather watch Rudy Larriva Road Runner cartoons to Chuck Jones or Robert McKimson.
  6. Lack of creativity or uses oddball ideas that are strange.
  7. Calls Tails as Ami Mizuno and uses the "Sonic"! catchphase.
  8. Prefers Spaced-Out Usagi to Bugs Bunny and loves using Makoto Kino.
  9. Recycles ideas from other people.
  10. Recycled animation and gags.


So far there is no known cure unlike AIDS that uses diversity and other things to remedy. There are preventions such as watching Chuck Jones' Road Runner cartoons, use Koopone or avoid anime but these are not guaranteed. The only one with a partally successful is try every method of Poopisms as recommended by Dr. Mario.