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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.

Reversing is the art of rewinding video or sound. Some video editors happen to have this as an option-- WMM isn't one of them.

Hidden Messages[edit]

A load of videos tend to use reverse as a way of finding secret messages. They're often very subliminal and risque to the children. After viewing the video, tell yourself: Innocent kids show; or a disgusting piece of art?

Styles of Reversing[edit]


Another technique of reversing that involves playing a clip forward, then playing the same clip backwards, which became more widely used around 2009 or so. Also used for creating Sus sounds.

In Windows Movie Maker[edit]

Movie Maker does not have a "reverse" effect by default, so one has to do it manually. How so? One takes the video, chops it into tiny, frame-by-frame pieces, and puts them in the reverse order. The effect is imperfect and jerky, though to some, this adds to the humour.

In Other Editing Programs[edit]

It's as easy as just clicking on the video clip you want to reverse and then apply a "time-shift" effect. Modify the exact details of the time-shift so that "reverse" is one of them.

Sony Vegas: right click on the video and audio then select Reverse!

VideoPad: go to effects, select speed, and then select "Play backwards"

Premiere: Right click, Then to the Speed/Duration menu and check the "Reverse Speed" tick box.

Backwards Dictionary[edit]

There is no such thing as a dictionary featuring reversed words. But, someone is in the process of making one. Until this author finds every word, the project will have an unknown release date.