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Photoshop was developed in 1987 by the American brothers Thomas Knoll (A PhD student) and John Knoll, who sold the distribution license to Adobe Systems Incorporated in 1988. This amazing new program was able to manipulate pixels and allowed you to change a white pixel into...a grey pixel. Or a black pixel! If the world wide web were as big as it was back then, it would have set the net on fire!

So anyway they tried calling it ImagePro, which was taken already, and came up with "photoshop" instead. They worked out a deal with some average joes who worked with scanners called Barneyscan. The brother named John took off to Silicon Valley to give a demonstration of this mind blowing tech to some engineers at Apple and the art director at Adobe. As one would expect, it blew some minds, and some licenses and distribution deals were made starting in September 1988. The brothers did different tasks. John worked on plug-ins in California, while Thomas stayed in Ann Arbor to write the code.

Then, the glorious and magnificent day arrive. The Earth quaked. The waters raged. Pillars cracked. Ganon tripped into the pit by accident! The seventh Koopa hotel crumbled for unexplained reasons. Gwonam found his own house. On February 19th, 1990 Photoshop 1.0 was released exclusively for Macintosh. Photoshop quickly took over as the industry standard in digital color editing.

Though it goes unsaid, Windows was probably devastated until they came up with MS Paint and thought they were revolutionary or something.


There are those among us that started using the word "photoshop" as a verb. I.E. "I created this image with photoshop." or, "I photoshopped the image." But Adobe doesn't like people doing this and wishes they could take action against you for saying it.

In an example, Adobe wants you to say, "I enhanced this image with Photoshop."

People Who Use Photoshop[edit]

  • Literally every pooper in the world who doesn't