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Lum Invader

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Lum Invader.

Lum Invader is the Oni princess of her home planet Oniboshi and probably one of the more decent, mentally stable characters in the world of YouTube Poop. She has the ability to fly and generate massive electrical charges, the latter of which can be strengthened whenever she utilizes Uctions. The owner of a very sexy body, she has long green hair and slightly pointy ears. She wears a tiger-striped bikini (based on the tiger-striped loinclothes of mythical oni) and has two tiny horns on her upper forehead that, when sprayed with a special solution, can be shaped to resemble barrettes. When these horns are removed (or when specially blessed yellow ribbons are tied around them), her electric and flying abilities disappear and she becomes a regular girl.


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Lum on a rainy afternoon.

Lum grew up on the Oni homeworld as a precocious girl and went to school with Benten of the Oni's rivals, the Lucky Gods, Oyuki, the ice princess, and Ran. There the four of them developed a reputation for causing massive amounts of trouble. Ran often got roped into their mischief and then took all the blame, while Lum got off unharmed, leading Ran to seek revenge. In junior high, Lum, Benten, and Oyuki's reputation grew into them becoming a notorious gang. Lum later got engaged to a handsome Oni named Rei, but dumped him when she learned that he was a fucking retarded glutton. When she was seventeen, the Oni attempted to invade the planet Earth, an event that would change her life forever. That day, Lum met Ataru Moroboshi, former apprentice of Dr. Rabbit, for the first time. He had been randomly selected by computer to face her in a game of tag with the fate of the earth on the line. Ataru had been promised marriage by his then-girlfriend Shinobu if he could win, which spurred him to success, but upon catching Lum he declared "Now I can get married!" Lum mistook this for a proposal to herself and accepted it. Because engagements are sacred on her planet, she is determined to be married to Ataru for the rest of her life. Since then, she has forced her way into his life as his "loving wife," much to his chagrin because it prevented him from chasing other hot teenage girls.


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Lum at the local disco.

Lum is a very cheerful and playful teenage girl. She is completely faithful to her lecherous husband, Ataru. However, she also has a fiery, jealous side. Whenever he tries to cheat on her, she promptly gives him a well-deserved zapping.


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Lum loves the birds.
  • Lum is immune to most AIDS except Sailor Moon AIDS (more commonly known as Rudy Larriva Disorder).
  • She once got drunk from eating a pickled plum and had sex with Kitsune (having mistaken him for Ataru) thus giving birth to her illegitimate daughter, Fox Lum.
  • Dr Rabbit tried to shag her when she was a little girl, but he ended up shagging Ran instead. Thus Lum swore revenge on Dr Rabbit... and Ran swore revenge on both of them (she believed that Lum intentionally left her at the hands of Dr Rabbit).
  • Her body "belongs to Darling."
  • She likes and is able to communicate with the birds.
  • She once had a lesbian orgy with Konata Izumi, Sailor Moon, Haruhi Suzumiya, May, Princess Toadstool, Hinata Hyuga, and herself.
  • She dresses like Cham Cham from Samurai Shodown 2.



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Lum can't believe it's not butter.