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Ataru Moroboshi

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Ataru watching porn.

Ataru Moroboshi is the most perverted boy in the world and Lum's husband. He is a total bastard (about 99% of the time), and he constantly cheats on Lum whenever he gets the chance.


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Ataru as a child, trying to rape an old man and beat his wife while singing in the rain.

During his childhood, Ataru developed a reputation for clinging to the skirts of Japanese schoolgirls. So great was his reputation that he earned the nickname "Snapping Turtle." He also liked to hold the hands of other girls living in his hometown of Tomobiki. As he grew older, his actions became even more perverted, ranging from skirt-flipping to drilling holes in the gym walls so that he could peep at the girls while they changed clothes. All of these lecherous acts caught the eye of Dr Rabbit, who quickly hired him as an apprentice and taught him various shagging and ass-brushing techniques. At the age of 17, Ataru was chosen by computer to face Lum Invader in the game of Tag. He successfully grabbed Lum's horns and shouted, "Now I can get married!" which Lum interpreted as a proposal to her. Shinobu, Ataru's long-suffering girlfriend at the time, dumped him on the spot.


  • He is capable of regenerating in a matter of seconds, so he is incapable of being injured.
  • He dreams of having a harem.
  • When Lum forgets his birthday, he becomes Emo Ataru.
  • Cherry considers him to be his butt buddy, but Ataru denies this allegation.


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Ataru flipping up Shinobu's skirt.
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Ataru after fighting LULZ Sora. Victor, but suffering the demon´s AIDS


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