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Help:Sysops and Staff Members

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These are the moderators/administrators of YTPedia. They have blue names in talk pages, logs, and recent changes.

Sysop Tools

Sysops have extra tools that are not available to regular editors. They are described below.

Blocking of Users

Vandalism and spam (such as replacing/deleting text in pages or adding links to random sites) will not be accepted. If one vandalizes, they will receive a temporary block. If a user vandalizes repeatedly or is clearly a spambot, they will be blocked permanently from YTPedia. One can also be blocked if they refuse to follow rules or if they generally aren't helping make the wiki better (i.e. making a ton of useless articles).

Protecting Pages

Pages will be locked to prevent editing in order to prevent the vandalism of frequently visited pages, templates, and categories. Pages may also be protected to resolve edit wars. If you want to request changes to a protected page, please do so in the respective Talk Page for the article.

Edit Protected Pages

Sometimes there's a need to edit pages that are protected. Whether an error is involved with it or if an update is required, a sysop is always ready to take care of these problems.

Deleting Pages/Files

The deletion of articles is usually reserved for obvious no good articles. If you think an article up for deletion should be saved, improve it.

Pages and files will be deleted immediately for the following reasons.

  • A blank page
  • A duplicated page/file
  • Spam
  • Other violations of site rules. (Porn, (realistic) gore, etc...)

Sysops can also restore articles that have been deleted.

Edit the User Interface

Sysops can edit the MediaWiki Namespace which controls interface messages. This includes the sidebar, site notices, deletion reasons, etc... as well as limited editing of special pages.

YTPedia Staff

These users are responsible for re-uploading files, confirming accounts, and reverting vandalism. They have purple names on talk pages, logs, and recent changes.

Staff Tools

These tools are also available to sysops.

Edit Semi-protected Pages

Any pages that aren't fully protected for only sysops to use can be edited by any YTPedia Staff Member. That can be helpful for those users in case a sysop is inactive for these pages.

Upload Images to the Main Page Image Rotation

The Staff can upload images to the Signavatar account which will be put up in the Main Page rotation.

Confirm Account Requests

The Staff and Sysops can confirm individual account requests from new users. This is in place to protect YTPedia from spam and vandals. All requests are approved if the user posts a link to their YouTube account and/or gives a short summary of their pooping career, etc. Accounts requests that advertise products, or give vague/generic summaries are rejected and/or marked as spam.

Upload New Versions of Files Directly

Staff members can replace files with newer versions. If you want a file to be replaced, put {{requestchange}} on the file page. Then, give a summary of what changes are to be made on the file's talk page. Of course, all users are allowed to re-upload your own uploads.


This automatically undoes a recent editor's changes to a page. For example, if User:John McEnroe made a bunch of unproductive changes to Dr. Robotnik's page, a staff member can revert all of his edits at once. (Note: Please be careful when using this function. It should only be done to revert obviously bad changes. If only one edit by the user is bad, use "undo" instead. In addition, an explanation cannot be added since pressing "rollback" reverts instantly.)