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Youtube Poop - The Movie

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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.


Youtube Poop - The Movie is a Youtube Poop made by SeductiveBaz uploaded on September 5, 2007, bearing the description "THE FIRST YOUTUBE POOP MOVIE EVER. SRSLY, I THOUGHT OF IT FIRST. A YOUTUBE POOP WITH A PLOT AND THINGS AND REAL LIVE ACTION, ALL ME! I THOUGHT OF IT. FIRST." It bears the distinction of being the first of Baz's work to feature a source connected to Phil Collins, which he would soon after launch headlong into an ongoing series using footage of the singer that would become one of his early signatures. It was also the second to last video of Baz's to be made in WMM.

The video is a long (for that time) and challenging series of repeated clips at various points of a Gorilla playing the drums to Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" with a raucous, sexual and spiritual energy, as emphasized by the gorillas orgasmic expressions and heavy breathing. Upon beginning the video one might be under the impression that they're watching a scene from Mighty Joe Young until the drum kit comes into full view, somewhere around a minute into the video. This minute seems to take forever to get there though to the majesty of this video's repetitions, which seem to go on and on for each segment with no certainty as to when they switch and what the next repeated clip contains. Notable parts of the video including repetition of a clip in which Phil Collins is heard singing "coming", repetition of an extremely sped up clip of the gorilla slamming the song's penultamite explosive drum break, and the amount of repeated "oh lohds" throughout the video. The video ends with a WMM rolling credits screen, with the only text reading "CREDITS" and nothing else.


Several times over the course of Youtube Poop's history the discussion of the idea of making an actual Youtube Poop Movie has come up numerous times between various groups of people. Almost every time though the discussions have gone nowhere, and someone usually ends up posting this video mentioning "There already is a Youtube Poop Movie", regarding that this is the only true Youtube Poop Movie that would ever be made. Several other "Movies" have been created in various lengths at various times, but it is generally still accepted that none can really compare to Baz's work. Baz himself regards the video as something of a milestone, saying "It was the video which made me switch from doing sentence mixing jokes that I was rubbish at to the silly types of videos that I still enjoy today. So it's nice watching it nowadays, because it reminds me of a time when there was everything still to see and do in the world of making these videos."

The video has been praised by several notable poopers and a few regard it as up among the greatest Youtube Poops ever made. DiscoGlacier has said that "It's better than anything made in Hollywood nowadays" and a user named CaptainFluffyMcFluff made the humorous comment of "why is robin williams playing drums?" in reference to the gorilla. Dopply who first said "Why did I laugh at this?" when first watching it later said "I think I figured out why I laughed at this. It's a masterpiece. And I'm still laughing." SuperYoshi mentioned that the source alone was already one of the funniest things ever and 50PercentGrey said "I think this whole video implies a silver-back gorilla playing with is penis, which is pretty much what they do at the zoo all day, anyway....unless it was a banana. :/" The video itself today holds nearly 8,000 views, which is considered by many to be criminally underrating in comparison to the videos quality, but it has had the reputation of being a critical divider between those who don't understand the videos humor, or really the concept of Youtube Poop in general, between those that do, and like many things the video has it's share of negative reception in the comments, largely from outsiders to the whole video-making scheme.



SeductiveBaz only 25 days later made a second addition to this video titled simply "Youtube Poop the Movie 2", this time using Adobe Premiere Pro, now his editor of choice, and being only just slightly longer than the original video. It also has the distinction of being noticeably louder at various points, another trademark he had begun to build around this time, bearing the description "YES, AS WELL AS CREATING THE FIRST YOUTUBE POOP MOVIE lol I HAVE ALSO MADE THE FIRST YOUTUBE POOP MOVIE SEQUEL SO YES PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT". It was recieved modestly, having around 1,000 views as of today, with the YouChewPoop youtube account saying that "sequels are never as good as the original. that gorilla was just whoring himself and made this to cash in on his eariler success" which Baz replied with "YEEESSSS". TangerineImpz, a bona fide fan of the original video, said that "The original was better, but I still love you".