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Neon Castle

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Neon Castle's logo

Neon Castle was an 18+ content creator-oriented community with a focus on video gaming. The website was launched in August 2018 to serve as a refreshed hub for a community who had begun to pursue artistic interests unrelated to YouTube Poop.


In August 2018, YouChew owner Whelt announced the impending closure of the YouChew forums, citing a segmentation of the community between a YouTube Poop-focused crowd and an older crowd who had moved on from YouTube Poop. Neon Castle and YTPMania were touted as successors for the two crowds to rectify this problem. Neon Castle, in addition to hosting discussion of general topics, was conceived to emphasize the artistic capabilities of the YouChew crowd.

In response to activity shifting from the forum in favor of the associated Discord server, January 2019 saw the temporary closure of the forum component of Neon Castle. In September 2019, Neon Castle was retooled to have a stronger emphasis on gaming to suit its prevalence as a topic within the community, which involved the restoration of the forums to streamline hosting of community game challenges.

In December of 2019, the forum component was permanently closed as owner Dopply put his full focus upon the YTP Network project. All posts and data was retained, however, and will return in the future in a different form.


  • Neon Castle was originally implemented using Vanilla Forums software (much like the first iteration of YouChew), before making the switch to Invision Power Board after a month. PHPBB3 was used for its versatility and cost-effectiveness following its return as a gaming-focused community.
  • The name "Neon Castle" is derived from the name of King Koopa's lair in the Super Mario World cartoon. It essentially was a way of referencing a cornerstone of Poop culture while still being somewhat subtle.