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World Wrestling Entertainment

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The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) is a staged wrestling franchise based off of many characters that are supposed to be made of "good guys" and "bad guys". The "good guy" character often wins matches and starts a rivalry with bad guys and usually are the champions and shit like that. The WWE was originally the WWF (World Wrestling Federation) but was sued by the World Wildlife Foundation because they couldn't smell what The Rock was cooking. Recently, the WWE went downhill, because they lost many great names to TNA(Total Nonstop Action)thanks to Mr.McMahon for toning down WWE's programming for little kids, so he can make money for himself.

Basic Information

This is a highly popular franchise that has spawned multiple pay-per-views, and is very popular in today's culture. The wrestlers do go through intense practices and do put their lives on the line though, so don't try this at home.

Pooping Information

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Some of the wrestlers from this federation (past or present) are a good source of material that you can use. Examples of great people you can use include HOAK HOGAN and The Ultimate Warrior.

{{#ev:youtube|cUwkZv66Qp0|320}}The WWE once hired a motivational speaker to make everyone feel good.

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‎A WWE match in progress.
{{#ev:youtube|QX7kL-y5K2I|320}}And there was that one time all the wrestlers sang a song.

Other Information

Some people often debate whether or not the WWE is fake. The winners are pre-determined and they follow the storyline, but the suplexes and top rope shit and falling off the 20 foot ladder is 100 percent real.


official website of the WWE