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This article is about a Robotnik Joke. You may have been looking for Shao.

SHOU! is a joke commonly used by Stegblob, ever since his video, "Genesis of Dr. Robotnik". Every so often during this poop, the "SHOU!" face would show up. At first the quality was downright awful, and it was never seen in a poop for quite a while. Then, after the AoStH DVD was purchased by Stegblob, it became a common moment in his videos, appearing out of the blue every so often.

Similar to Diploma Dope, it has also been used or at least reffered to by poopers other than Stegblob. There is also a variartion of SHOU! used by Furnessly which has a Sonic face mixed with Robotnik.


  • Many people beleive Stegblob was the first to use this Robotnik face, but infact it was used several times before Stegblob even came into the YouTube Poop scene.
  • Note how Robotnik's eyes are looking in different directions.
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