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Rioting Soul

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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

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In brief

The M. Bison guy. YES! This is delicious! DONK YESH! *Bagpipe playing in the background*


I stumbled upon the poop world when I was watching a SMB3 AMV(Now You're A Man Super Mario) and at the time, one of the related videos was Luigi is a Nazi Episode 3. At the time, I had already seen Over 9000 so my first impression was that a Kajetokun fan was drinking bong water. It grabbed my interest(mostly because of Bowser screaming) so I clicked on other related videos. This is how I learned that these videos were called "Youtube Poop". For a few months I was just a fan, then a member of a forum I frequent uploaded episodes of USA Network's Street Fighter cartoon to youtube. He made a thread about it and we all had a good laugh at how bad the Street Fighter series was portrayed. Once I saw the episode "Medium is the Message!" I had to make a poop. Madness is Delicious is the result.

First poop seen

Luigi is a Nazi Episode 3

First poop made

Madness is Delicious


The poops that I like making the most are the mash ups like "Random Unrelated Videoclips Put Together In WMM", "Youtube Poop: Militant Ambition" and "Poop Poo Platter". When I'm going about my day I usually think up random things like what you see in those poops and I just can't wait to use them. I usually don't enjoy the final product if I stick with mostly just one source.

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

  • Voice of Poop
  • Stutter Reverse
  • Ear Rape
  • Vanilla Surprise

Prefered Tech

  • WMM
  • MS Paint
  • Sony Vegas


  • Tourettes Guy
  • Chocolate Rain
  • Zelda CD-i



I experimented with the titles of my poops(or I just was lazy) and that seemed to have had an effect on the amount of people that actually watched it. I won't make a title like "A Bunch of Stuff" or "Random Unrelated Videoclips Put Together In WMM" again. I also realize a creeping habit of making filler(whole poops or a big piece of a poop). At some points where I use "Voice of Poop" I don't get it quite right and a piece of a word get cut out(I really hate that). Other than that, too much foop(fad poop).


If I'm known for anything then it is for creating the Bison fad. It has become expected that my poops include M.Bison saying "YES!", "This is delicious!" and running down--excuse me *UP* a hall. My high viewer counts can be attributed to some members of showing my poops to other people, Madness is Delicious being a response to Over 9000, and Bison Running *UP* a Hall For Five Minutes being a response to Tetsuo9999's White Tigerzord's Head Falling Off For Five Minutes. I was originally going to just make one poop, but the comments were more positive and numerous than I had anticipated.


In Real Life

  • Sonichuman




Other Information


Before poopers were using The Electric Cheese's ident, I commented on a video of his and asked him if I could use it. He said sure go ahead(or something to that effect) but I was constipated at the time. Soon after, I see his ident everywhere. Hee hee I'm special!