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Tomo Takino

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Name: Tomo Takino
Appears In: Azumanga Daioh
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation(s): Student

Tomo Takino is a mischievous Japanese schoolgirl from Azumanga Daioh. The most hyperactive character on the show, she's mad in every way imaginable. She's boisterous, loud, impulsive, and clashes with every other character in the series, especially Yomi. Her hobbies include causing uproars over nothing, yelling at the top of her lungs in a casual conversation, picking on Yomi's insecurity about her weight, performing Osakan stand-up with Osaka, copying homework, annoying everyone, and challenging her friends endlessly to academic/athletic competitions, despite not having any academic or athletic abillities whatsoever. Tomo is also an egomaniac and dreams of being famous and loved, but normally has trouble even being tolerated half the time, as her teasing remains boundless. Nevertheless, teasing is how Tomo shows her friends that she cares (She must like Yomi a lot then), and can still form friendly bonds and get-togethers with the other students!

She also has highly sexual fetishes for canned juice, the ocean, and smashing watermelons at the ocean.

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Tomo being a dork.


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Tomo as she sees herself. I mean fuck, she's bigger than the buildings in the background here!
  • Lupin III
  • herself
  • watching hilarious TV shows on her cozy little bed while eating BAWH-BEH-Q FLAYVA'D CHIPS
  • Creating chaos with Kagura and Osaka and destroying everything
  • Annoying Yomi for being high-strung with her
  • Annoying Chiyo for being a kid (and being rich and smart on occasion)
  • Annoying Yomi for "being fat"
  • Annoying Osaka for being Osakan
  • Annoying Yomi for being normal
  • Annoying Kagura because boobs
  • Annoying Yomi for being cheap
  • Annoying Kaorin for "being gay for Sakaki"
  • Annoying Ms. Kurosawa for "being an alchoholic"
  • Annoying you for having watched the show and forgetting about it
  • groping Yomi's fat
  • leaning on everyone
  • Juice
  • The ocean
  • Smashing watermelons
  • Eating early


  • Her peers
  • Losing
  • Not being treated to a can of juice.
  • completely destroying her friends in her teasing
  • Having someone smash watermelons before she can
  • The blue sky.


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Tomo's canned drink fetish goes a long way...
  • She is, quite frankly, insane.
  • She loves to tease Yomi to where she even acted out of character before the series even started and pushed herself academically to get accepted into the unnamed high school that Yomi would attend, JUST so she could keep annoying her!
  • She wants to be an ICPO officer in the future.
  • She can't differentiate canned juice from a can of soda
  • She can't differentiate being in the ocean from just being knee-deep in the beach either
  • In The King's Epic Adventure, she appears as a stubborn midboss hired by Robotnik and antagonizes the King. She's armed with her very own Death Rogumer airship, a special ride armor, Bullet Bill blasters, teleportation abilities, and a Screw Attack
  • Tomo is actually more pervy than any of the other cast members in the show, and tries to get dirty stories out of her teachers during summer breaks. In A Su Manga 3 She almost sucks Chiyo's penis.
  • Dispite her grades, She's the assistant class representative for class 3, of course this is because no one else wanted the job.
  • She's a fan of Lupin III, and visions herself as Fujiko Mine, when she's nothing like her in personality and appearance. She claims the only thing she's lacking for the look would be Kagura's big chest


  • "Hey if we win, you should treat us to a can of juice."
  • "HEY your story reminded me of something..."
  • "I guess your big chest gets in the way!"
  • "Heh heh heh! Piece of cake, piece of cake!"
  • "Hold on! Sakaki, your boobs are 8cm bigger than mine, so please step back 8cm!"
  • "Uh-huh! Yomi's crazy flexible 'cause her body's made of almost nothing but fat!"
  • "The sky is blue!"
  • "You are a shemale, Kagura!"
  • Penis! It's penis! PENIS! See?? Penis!
  • "YO! We're in the ocean! Let's go!!!"