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Muppet Babies

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Muppet Babies is one of the greatest animated TV series of all time. It is about the Muppets when they were babies (no shit), being cared for by Nanny. The Babies would just their wild imaginations to learn about the world and to solve simple problems. It featured many poop-worthy moments and sometimes they used clips from Star Wars, The Three Stooges, Indiana Jones and tons of other stuff. It first aired in 1984.


  • Kermit the Frog (the main character)
  • Miss Piggy (the fat-ass pig)
  • Fozzie Bear (the bear)
  • Gonzo (the bird-like creature)
  • Rolf (the dog)
  • Scooter (the nerd)
  • Skeeter (the Mary-Sue twin sister of Scooter)
  • Animal (the God-only-knows-what)
  • Bean Bunny (the Cousin Oliver wannabe)

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