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Mei Ling

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This article is related to the YouChew Forums.
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 This user has been banned from the YouChew forums for posting spam and pornography, sexual harassment on and off site, creating an alternate account, and posing as a woman.

I'd fuck anybody, anytime, anywhere. Except for old people, the cast of Glee, anybody in the KKK, Westburo Church, Terrorist Groups, North Korea, Africa, etc. - Mei Ling

Who He Was

Mei Ling was a member of the YouChew forums who joined in September of 2009. Though in fact male, he claimed to be a female, as well as Amy Rose's voice in Sonic Adventure (which was Jennifer Douillard). For his first year or so, he seemed to be a relatively normal and low-profile member, only becoming active at brief intervals. He became more active in the months before his March 2011 ban, and during this time, his behavior became increasingly bizarre.

Among his strange behavior included being open about his sexual fantasies, some of them being with Yoshi's voice actor from Super Mario World and characters from Marvel Vs. Capcom. As messed up as they were, they were, at the very least, of no real harm. Of actual harm, however, was when he began hitting on numerous members of varying ages and both genders. Continuing this behavior, even after multiple warnings telling him not to, led to his ban, which is described in more detail below. Soon afterwards, it was found out he was a male and was not Amy's voice actor from Sonic Adventure.

Forum Controversy and Ban

The following is a direct quote from a global announcement appeal published on behalf of YouChew's Moderating/Administrative staff (posted by Yaminomalex, Intermission and edited by Strangebutts).

Intermission made a really good post about why we got rid of him/her/it, and now it's lost forever. What a shame. What you guys need to understand is that he/she/it hit on and flat out sexually harassed several male and female members (even underage members) on and off site via user walls, Tiny Chat, PM and AIM and MSN and continued to sexually harass forum members outright even after we give Mei Ling a few verbal warnings about doing so. To quote Dopply's stance on the matter "we cannot be running an online pedophile circus".

This continued harassment, coupled with the fact that thanks to some nifty detective work from Mot leading us to discover that Mei Ling was actually not female, nor was he the original VA of Amy Rose from the Sonic Adventure games like he vehemently claimed he was, led all forum staffs to a unanimous decision that his actions constituted large-scale personal abuse and thus he was banned. We even got a webcam confession out of him.

EDIT: Probo found Intermission's post (the original post is seen below).

As there seems to be a great deal of confusion regarding the circumstances of Mei Ling's banning, allow me to elaborate on behalf of all of the YouChew Staffs, among whom this decision was made.

Some background information: prior to the recent developments, Mei Ling had already received two strikes for spam and pornography. As per our strike policies, these were eventually rescinded after a period of time.

More recently, as many of you are surely aware, her behavior became increasingly bizarre, and in particular, she began to make unsolicited sexual advances toward a number of forum members- on a forum populated largely by teenagers, mind you, while herself claiming to be an adult in her 20's. While these off-site incidents will not be recited in order to protect the dignity of the users victimized, they certainly fell within the definition of personal abuse, explicitly prohibited and strike worthy according to our site rules, and furthermore could well be defined as illegal given the ages of those involved. Running a forum is hard, and having adults persistently hitting on minors left and right isn't something we can just turn a blind eye to.

After repeatedly promising to correct her behavior and repeatedly breaking said promises, it was decided that administrative action needed to take place. This was exacerbated when she turned her advances toward multiple staff members. As these advances became increasingly serious in nature, it was decided among all the Staff members of YouChew that Mei Ling should be banned- her incessantly vulgar demeanor, and the suspicious revelation that she lied about her identity, was far too dangerous to allow to continue. The ban was issued in order to protect the users of this forum.

I ask that you please accept this decision, made unanimously by dozens of trusted users, and do not fall under the impression that Mei Ling was banned for minor transgressions, or a simple lie regarding her identity.

Regards, Intermission, on behalf of the collective Staffs of YouChew.

Edit by Strangebutts: He was a guy, by the way.



  • Ironically, {Oz} was one of, if not the very first one, to discover Mei Ling was a man because of his sex offending skills.
  • Mei Ling was known for having many .gif avatars and signatures of real and anime women.