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This movie is considered the number one animated movie in history; it has even won many other awards that only a few have in common. This movie pretty much takes place in a post apocalyptic world where swag means war, and then so a big ass explosion almost wiped out Tokyo (now called Neo-Tokyo for a strange reason). In the manga, our fellow characters Kaneda and Tetsuo who are leaders of a biker gang go tress passing just to see the huge crater which I don't fucking know about (Akira made that explosion). But in the movie, both of them fight the evil forces of Ronald McDonald and his biker gang in the freeway of japan (meaning that they are pretty far away from the crater). The movie will get interesting once you watch it, it is also a tragic movie. The weird thing is that they never finished the last three books which is about-COUGH COUGH spoileralert COUGH COUGH.


  • Akira: he may not be the main character but later then he will play an important role at the end which makes a lot of sense. He is also a very ignorant kid who wants to have control of the world along with Tetsuo which leads to the final three books.
  • Tetsuo: he is the antagonist/protagonist of this series thinking that everyone is a total douche to him; he then crashes into a kid with psycho powers named Takashi and ends up having powers which he can not control.
  • Kaneda: he is the main character but he is also an ass at sometimes, but it's sad that he is no longer existing in the final three but he comes back in book six for a odd reason.
  • Takashi: some strange kid who seems to have eternal life as a 10 year old along with his other two old friends at the same age. He is also responsible for the motorcycle incident causing Tetsuo to have an uncontrolable power. He is also known as a esper containing such powers no one has ever seen before.
  • Kiyoko: she is also another esper having the ability to share her powers with others and controlling their body. She is physically weak so Takashi could carry her.
  • Masaru: a fat ass kid who is also a part of the Enders; he usually uses a flying wheelchair to support his body.
  • Kaori: she is Tetsuo's girlfriend in the very beginning; but in the manga, they just meet each other in the forth book pretty much as a sex slave.
  • Sakaki: a psychic girl trained by an old lady by the name of Lady Miyako.
  • Lady Miyako: she is also another ender and a high-priestess of a temple in Neo-Tokyo.
  • Kei: She is pretty much the main character in the fourth and fifth book but is in love with Kaneda and another comrade named Ryu (not from street fighter).


There are some huge differences between the two; the first example is what is said in the first part of the article. Another good example is when Kaneda-COUGH COUGH COUGH-spoiler-WHEEZE UGHHHH. But you are willing to find out in this link :D.[1]


  • It looks like a movie from the late 90s but it actually came out in 1988.
  • The music is very strange.
  • Brillemeister's favorite movie