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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.


LUIGI IS RACIST is a Youtube Poop made by SuperYoshi, uploaded on October 29th, 2007. It is among one of the earliest Youtube Poops to feature usage of the Super Mario Bros Super Show(especially its live portions) and focuses specifically on the episode Pirates of Koopa, and it's accompanying live action segment "Do You Believe in Magic?"

In the video Real Luigi is payed a visit through the medicine cabinet by then L.A. Lakers player Magic Johnson, who seeks help in repairing his damaged high school trophy after having done an accidental "triple-double-skyhook-allyoop-slam-dunk" upon it. While Luigi seems initially enthusiastic upon first seeing him, his tone quickly turns sour as he retorts back to him "Are you kidding me, No!!" and slams the cabinet door with an expression of disgust and horror upon his face, thus being the connection to the video's title. Later, he forceably lowers his vocal chords before taking pleasure in shaving his favorite mug and laughing heartily to himself while Real Mario comes home a total of 32 times. Luigi advises him to distract Magic Johnson by showing him some scenes from the next instance of this happening which causes Mario to have several hot flashes.

Elsewhere, not-real Mario and Luigi are continuously reminded that while they continue to bask in the enjoyment of making Spatatoghetti, much to the dismay of their pirate captain with a dislocated jaw, that No One is Safe From Blackbeard Koopa. Even in this parellel universe Luigi's vocal chords seem to be forceably lowered as he struggles to sing "100 Bottles of Milk" (Beer had yet to be invented in the Mushroom Kingdom) but can only manage half a verse as he appears to have made it up himself. After a prolonged period of melodramatic yelling, Mario produces an LSD-laced red cookie in the shape of a star and trips out for exactly 5 seconds, rambling incoherently about something called Pasta Power. After which Mario announces his strategy, a confused combination of not beating, joining, beating, not joining, eating, and beating, not beating, eating, and joining their adversary, armed with nothing but a wooden sword, a plunger and a single mushroom. It appears to be tremendously successful, as Blackbeard Koopa is never actually seen and 3 seconds later they are celebrating their victory with the corniest joke Princess Toadstool has ever thought of. Throughout this whole escapade Real Mario continues to come home. Eventually he invents a dance out of it and comes home so much he can barely hold his balance on his own two feet anymore, collapsing thunderously off screen with the sound of him coming home one last time.


LUIGI IS RACIST is widely considered to be one of the best poops of all time, if not the definitive best, and as such SuperYoshi has been as equally as well known for this video as much as I'D SAY HE'S HOT ON OUR TAIL. It currently holds over 90,000 views and experienced surges of views in both 2009 when Lou Albino(as Mario) died and in 2013 when Danny Wells(as Luigi) died, with people paying their respects in the comments and Dopply in particular commending "Let this legendary video honor his memory" in regards to the former. Several well-known YTPers both past and present have acknowledged this video and to many it is their absolute favorite.

MrDrunkenFox has said "So many crap videos I've seen the past 8 years and I still consider this the greatest one of all in my opinion" and some years earlier also said in the video's comments "After the world ends, there will be nothing. Then life will be reborn after Luigi declares his astonishment for the sudden and unplanned appearance of Magic Johnson." RideTheCatfish has said "I honestly can't think of a better YouTube Poop than this one" and MrSimon has said that "every time I watch this I come out with a migrane, I laugh that hard..". Others have also variously commenting calling it the "best worst ytp of all time", and saying that "I haven't watch this video in ages and it's still amazing", "This is the only Youtube poop that actually makes me laugh" and even "I see I commented a week ago, and I've seen this like 30 times. and all after midnight, I think there is something wrong with me". LUIGI I'M HOME is also very frequently present in the comments and it has since become a classic staple quote of Youtube Poop, with the concept of Luigi's racism similarly following suit, making for an interesting clash with Luigi's homosexuality and Mario's frequent counter-racism.


{{#ev:youtube|MFcgVj7sZ20|320}}The "sequel" to LUIGI IS RACIST

LUIGI IS RACIST also happened to be made on Dopply's birthday, and in 2009 Dopply said "Two years, and two birthdays later, and this video is still fucking amazing." On October 29, 2011, 4 years to the day after LUIGI IS RACIST was first posted, SuperYoshi produced a sequel titled Luigi is a Self-Hating White Man as an intentional birthday present to Dopply. In this video Luigi has once again forceably deepened his vocal chords in order to properly appreciate shaving his favorite mug while laughing heartily once more when suddenly Mario comes home. Elsewhere, Dr. Light and Dr. Wily command a renegade robot to Stop, but not until the robot puts himself out of commission with the tremendous weight of Mario coming home. Dr. Light suggests that there is a problem with the guidance system, but Dr. Wily becomes frustratingly German and insists it's something else as he built the prototype. Luigi then unwittingly opens his medicine cabinet opening a rift between dimensions and is unexpectedly witnessing Dr. Light and Dr. Wily's arguement taking place, and mistakes Dr. Light for Magic Johnson, who had moved from Brooklyn back to Los Angeles years ago. He closes the door in shock upon realizing that his racism is so deeply infested that he now hates white skin just as much as darker skin, and begins an intense period of self-loathing.


  • The video was uploaded on the same day of the year that Super Jario Bros originally was, meaning both videos are exactly two years apart and both share an anniversary.
  • On Youchew, the video has served to be the inspiration behind much of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show related forum events(such as LouChew), shenanigans and humor, as the video is still often quoted or referenced to to this day.
  • Two collabs were made as Memorials to Lou Albino and Danny Wells when both respective actors died, and both of them featured heavy usage of the Super Mario Bros. Super Show and at least a few entries in both used the iconic episode featured in LUIGI IS RACIST.
  • SuperYoshi has admitted that in every video after Luigi Is Racist, he has hidden the quote LUIGI I'M HOME in somewhere.