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Killer 7

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This is a game that was only released on the Nintendo Gamecube and the Playstation 2 (But between you and me, I would prefer the Nintendo Gamecube's version over the Playstation 2's version because it has better graphics and faster load times). This game was made by the same company that made No More Heroes. The game is controlled by seven killers, who are all a part of a mind frame of an old fuck, whose goal is to exterminate every single last Heaven Smile on the face of the Earth. The game's primary story involves politicals issues, such as what the fate of Japan will be, the way Mr. Ulmayda's company that about a week to transfer stuff, the kidnappings of little girls in amusement parks, and propaganda in comic books. Despite it not selling as well as it should have, as well as the few negative reviews that were given to this game, it has a very special cult-ish fanbase. This game features unique ways of delivering it's cutscenes; going from cell-shading to (good) flash to anime. It is also home to one of the most confusing story lines ever conceived in a video game.

The Killer 7[edit]

Other Important People[edit]


  • Some people that voice acted in the Metal Gear Solid series also voice acted in this game (such as the original voice actor of Grey Fox from the original Metal Gear Solid game (Greg Eagles, lol, irony) voicing for Garcian Smith and the voice actor for Liquid Snake (but not for Liquid Ocelot) voicing for Mr. Ulmeyda.
  • If you complete this game the first time around, you will unlock the Killer 8 mode. In the Killer 8 mode, you will have a younger Harmon Smith aid the Killer 7 and the enemies can kill you in one shot (even if you're Mask de Smith).
  • If you complete the Killer 8 mode, you will also play another new mode called Hopper 7. In the Hopper 7 mode, the enemies are more harder to kill, some of the Heaven smiles are wearing a grasshopper costume (I guess it's because they want to...?), and the game ends once you complete level 1 in that mode. (lol, unfinished game)