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Inspector Gadget

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Inspector Gadget is a cyborg police inspector. He is known for being an ignoramus who never realizes he is hanging out with the very bad guy he is supposed to be watching out for. As a result, his niece Penny and his dog Brain are often the ones saving the day, which makes you wonder how he got the star billing. (Answer: Probably because Penny and Brain's Excellent Misadventures didn't sound anywhere as catchy as Inspector Gadget.) He also frequently causes his commanding officer, Chief Quimby, to get blown up by self-destructing messages.

Although he and his show are DiC Entertainment creations, Gadget has only recently started showing up in YouTube Poops. He took so long to show up that Mario, who is reportedly a big fan of his show, did a brief routine in which he performed as Gadget (along with King Harkinian as the Chief) during the wait. (This can be seen in "Remember the Speak to Hotties Hotline Back in Brooklyn?") As of now, Gadget has won a week's vacation at Wendy's hotel, gotten AIDS, and shaved his mustache.


  • "Go-Go Gadget [insert object here]!"


  • After having to play shitty video games, he decides to play stuff on his cell phone while driving 65 miles per hour in neighborhoods.
  • It has been confirmed that he can actually be removed from episodes of his own show and it won't affect the plot whatsoever. (Dr. Claw's plans are still foiled because it's Penny doing the work.)
  • It is rumoured that Dr. Claw and MAD Cat are actually an allegory for Soundwave and Ravage.
  • Giovanni and his Persian copied Dr. Claw's style in the first season of Pokemon. He would often be seen with his face hidden, stroking the cat.
  • He likes building brown bricks with MineCrap.