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IL Vocodex

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Qsoft1.JPG This article is about a type of Software used in making poops.
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Image-Line Vocodex is a VST Plugin that is used to make electronic sounds. It is the most popular plugin used by YTPers for these kind of effects and can make your source sound very beautiful and A E S T H E T I C. It's first known use from a well-known Pooper was BarneyIsPerverted, and eventually grew more popular after some years. It only works with Vegas Pro, however.


Where to Find[edit]

You can buy the paid full version on Image-Liner's website, or download the demo for free, although your effects won't save the next time you open your editor. If that irritates you, then the best way to find it free is through Youchew's Media Library.

Poopers who Use IL Vocodex[edit]