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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.


TehEliteOne (or HackyBombz as he was formerly known as), is a pooper who gets a kick out of insulting and bashing people on the internet, often to the point of them closing their accounts to escape him. Sometimes his insults were taken as far as actual hacking, such as what happened to TheSterTube. This makes TehEliteOne a dangerous user to associate with.

He does things like this so often now that his channel has become more of a hub for drawing in or attacking Youtube users rather than for Youtube Poop. He's been known to have held several Youtube accounts in the past that have been banned for violations of Youtube Code of Conduct, rather than for copyright. He's often associated with Youtube Poopers such as Joethebluedragon, DoomZappo, and TrueTubePoops, who hold the dubious honor of having known him since he first started.

TehEliteOne, starting in late 2011, constantly attacked TrueTubePoops for no apparent reason. Most of his insults boiled down to saying "gay" "fag" "rich fuck" and something about his dad raping him. At one point, he tried to acquire TTP's IP Address by tapping into a Skype call. His attacks stopped abruptly in mid 2012, likely because he realized that TTP didn't give a shit.

{{#ev:youtube|3gOr5BcSKhE|320}}TehEliteOne's Top Rated Video.

First Poop Seen

Youtube Poop - Spongebob hates Mama Luigi by Actaylorr

First Poop Made

Chocolate with nuts(edited)

Favorite Poop

ICarly illegally downloads Sony Vegas

Style / Methods

Preferred Sources

Preferred Software

Sony Vegas


  • Critisized for using spongebob, but has improved in style.
  • He is often scrutinized in the community for his constant bullying of just about everybody he meets on the internet.


{{#ev:youtube|lVWAK29nz9k|320}}A rather accurate depiction




This is how many seconds you are wasting reading this

  • Was actually friends with DrCaffeine5000 until he got pissed off when freef00dforever got banned.