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Garfield (character)

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Think he's fat now? Wait until you see the 1978 Garfield strips!

Name: Garfield
Appears In: Garfield and Friends, The Garfield Show
Sex: Male
Age: 3232?
Nationality: American
Occupation(s): Cat to Jon who doesn't do anything at all.
Played By: Lorenzo Music, Bill Murray, Frank Welker

Garfield is a lazy, overweight, cynical, orange cat who lives with Jon Arbuckle. It is possible that he is but a figment of Jon's imagination, as they do not appear to directly interact with each other. Scientists are currently investigating the matter.



Garfield was apparently born in an Italian restaurant back in 1978. (If so, then we can assume that the earliest strips take place in the future.) He has developed a love for lasagna ever since.

Hmmm...not really much of a history to tell for a cat who's hasn't changed much (other than his weight) for the past 30 years.


  • Well, time for my late-afternoon/pre-dinner nap.
  • The best computer is the one between your ears.
  • Be responsible... Actions have consequences.
  • Odie's dreaming of furries.
  • It always ends with the furry raping the crap out of him.
  • There's no such thing.
  • We're bachelors, baby!
  • Who gives presents to Santa


Garfield sure loves coffee...and apparently, Jon does too.
  • Garfield longs to be rich.
  • His favorite food is lasagna.
  • But he loves just about anything. Except for spinach and raisins, of course.
  • Hates Christmas but loves Halloween.
  • He thinks the best computer is the one that used between your ears.
  • He's a popular figure for teachers to use when it comes to posters.
  • He created the famous quote "I hope you bring lots of spaghetti", which was later stolen by Luigi, replacing "you" with "she".
Garfield and his 1978 clone witness Jon and his dancing.