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Fatal Fury

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Name: Fatal Fury
Country of Origin: Japan
Type of Source: Video Game
Created By: SNK
Year Created: 1991

First Poop: DarkLegendVampire

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Fighting game series created by SNK. Although it hasn't had a new entry since 1999, its characters live on in other series such as SNK Vs. Capcom and The King of Fighters. The game is known for having a system that lets fighters go into the background of the stage, allowing for more realistic moving. The games are known as Garou Densetsu in Japan, which translates to Legend of the Hungry Wolf.

The basic plot for the first game is that Geese holds a tournament called The King of Fighters, and Terry, Andy and Joe enter it to win. As you can tell, this game was the inspiration for the later King of Fighters series.

Media Infomation

  • Video Game
  • Made by SNK


With emphasis given to those seen in Youtube Poops

  • Terry Bogard - The main character. Known for having the worst English out of any American ever.
  • Andy Bogard - Terry's brother. And erm... nothing much else of note.
  • Joe Higashi - A friend of the Bogards. He likes sticking his hands down his pants, which has caused many gamers to go blind.
  • Raiden/Big Bear - A wrestler with a good half (Big Bear) and an evil half (Raiden).
  • Kim Kaphwan - A Tae Kwon Do master who doesn't forgive evil.
  • Mai Shiranui - Busty ninja girl with a crush on Andy.
  • Duck King - A breakdancer and the king of ducks. Also has the funniest name ever.
  • Jubei Yamada - An old man who tries to get into Mai's pants... or lack thereof.
  • Wolfgang Krauser - Geese's half-brother and the villain of Fatal Fury 2.
  • Billy Kane - This British punk is Geese's henchman.
  • Geese Howard - The main villain of the series. You know how I said Duck had the funniest name ever? I was wrong. Geese does.
  • Rock Howard - Geese's son. He was raised by Terry out of guilt for killing his father.
  • Ryuji Yamazaki - Escaped criminal who fights with one hand in his pocket.
  • Blue Mary
  • Khushnood Butt - You know, this series is a goldmine for funny names (although he's known as Marco Rodriguez in Japan).
  • Li Xiangfei

Games In The Series

  • Fatal Fury - The first one.
  • Fatal Fury 2
  • Fatal Fury 3
  • Fatal Fury Special - Remake of Fatal Fury 2 that adds Geese, Duck King, Tung Fu Rue and even Ryo Sakazaki from Art of Fighting.
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury - Features Geese's death... even though he comes back in later games (not just including Fatal Fury).
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
  • Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
  • Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition - First 3D installment.
  • Fatal Fury: First Contact - NeoGeo Pocket version of Real Bout 2.
  • Garou: Mark of the Wolves - The most recent (and possibly final) installment of the series. Terry is the only returning character, everyone else is all new but draws inspiration from previous cast members. Also the origin of Terry's famous "Buster Wolf".


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Further Information

  • Currently, Fatal Fury and Fatal Fury 2 can be found on Wii's Virtual Console, and Garou: Mark of the Wolves is on the Xbox Live Arcade. However, there have been plans to put Fatal Fury Special on the Virtual Console as well, so we'll keep an eye out on that.
  • SNK has also released the Fatal Fury Battle Archives volumes 1 and 2 for Playstation 2, which features the first three installments of the series and the Real Bout series.
  • Fatal Fury in Japan is called "Garou".

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