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Debrotherized Luigi

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An elusive version of Luigi, Debrotherized Luigi is the mystical result of Mario playing annoying records during thunderstorms while dancing with a plunger, freeing the darkness in Luigi´s heart. Debrotherized Luigi has a tendency to yank mustaches and overall straps, shove caps over people's eyes, and (similar to his alter-ego, Stone Luigi), insult people with face-related names, particularly "faucet face."


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Debrotherized Luigi shown beating up his ex-brother, Mario.


  • Debrotherizing
  • Reading
  • Burninating
  • Being an emo.
  • Being terribly rude.
  • His favorite screwdriver.
  • Melting Mario's favorite record.
  • Beating up his ex-brother.
  • Beating up women, too!


  • Mario
  • Hot records, especially if they play an instrumental of Double Crossing.
  • Frog Suits.
  • Learning how to read.
  • Disco (So much, in fact, that he actually attended Disco Demolition Night in 1979.)


  • "Well then, consider yourself debrotherized." (Hence the name.)
  • "I don't NEED a frog suit!"
  • "Mario's been caught like a catfish!"
  • "Fuck you, eggface!"
  • "...Faucet Face!"