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Bolivar, El Heroe

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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.

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Name: Bolivar, el heroe.
Country of Origin: Colombia
Type of Source: Movie
Created By: Guillermo Rincon
Year Created: 2003

First Poop: YouTube Poop: Bolivar recibe clases de manga by Timborokitisbandi


Bolivar, El Heroe is based on titular real name person named Simon Bolivar who fought for independence of South America. This film is centered around his life (like many biographical films). It can be divided into three parts: His childhood, adolescence and adulthood. But there's a twist: It's anime styled and thus it has many characters with unnaturally coloured hair. I'm not kidding. It has ironical following from Spanish-speaking people which resulted to comparing this film to some anime series, but not limited to i.e JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It was a lost media until 4th December 2015.

Media Information[edit]

  • Type of Source: Animated Film
  • Creators: FusionArte
  • Dates: 2003
  • Country of Origin: Colombia


  • Simon Bolivar (Has a purple long hair. I'm not kidding.)
  • Tiranico (A stereotypical red-haired bad dude with the most generic name imaginable. Bullied Bolivar, when they were kids. His name means "Tyrannical".)
  • Americo (They literally called him "American". Go figure.)
  • El ingles (Who looks like Vegeta. His name means "The English")
  • Simon Rodriguez (Bolivar's tutor and mentor.)
  • Hipolita (Bolivar's foster mother who also happened to be Americo's mother.)
  • Don Carlos (Bolivar's former tutor who acts like jerk to him. He's also red-haired like Tiranico. And later he ends up cooperating with the latter.)
  • Rosa (Tiranico's Sister. Was Americo's love interest and supporter of independence.)
  • Maria Teresa Rodriguez del Toro (Bolivar's former wife. Shame that she DIED. No relation to Simon Rodriguez.)


First Used in a Poop by[edit]

  • Timborokitisbandi


Often Used By[edit]

Sometimes Used By[edit]

  • YouTube Poop Hispano people

Liked by[edit]

  • Ironically and unironically by Spanish-speaking internet

Disliked by[edit]

  • Despite the inaccuracies, there's few people who don't like this film.

Further information[edit]

Was a lost media until December 2015, when YouTube user called A. Ariza found this film and uploaded. His account was later terminated, but quite a few people mirrored this film. Guillermo Rincon was interviewed about Bolivar, El Heroe, if anybody cares. Before December 2015, the only thing you could find about this, is the trailer, few screenshots and articles. It had a Colombian dub, but it's lost, but you can hear the samples of this dub in that aformentioned interview.


  • This film was made over the course of FOUR years.
  • It was released at the same year as The Room.

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