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The Room

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Name: The Room
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Movie
Created By: Tommy Wiseau
Year Created: 2003

The Room is a safehaven from all the troubles that the world brings to you. Join the greatest actor alive as he tells you the story of his life.

What Does The Room Do?

The Room allows you to have sexual relations with a whore for free. Only Tommy Wiseau knows how to make The Room work. After all, The Room made him have confidence in himself. The Room helped him play football. You know why? Because The Room is a safehaven for him. And he will die in The Room. And it will be awesome.


Tommy Wiseau has a whore for a girlfriend. His girlfriend is supposed to be Tommy Wiseau's future wife. However, his girlfriend doesn't like him all that much. Infact, she prefers Tommy's friend named Mark. There's some talking around with Wiseau's girlfriend named Lisa, her friend named Michelle, and her mother named Claudette. Claudette has cancer on her boobies, but neither she nor Lisa don't mind it one bit. Several subplots along the way, such as how Tommy's son (Denny) is about to lose his life to a mugger and Claudette's real estate problems. However, the main plot truly takes place when that bitch Lisa flounts her affair to Tommy. This causes a two fights between those two, which makes Tommy fed up with this world. It should be noted that the ending will absolutely shock you.


  • Tommy Wiseau (Johnny)
  • Lisa
  • Mark
  • Claudette
  • Denny
  • Michelle
  • Mike
  • Chris-R
  • Peter
  • Steven

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Fun Facts

  • It's been noted that the Nostalgia Critic once reviewed this film. He recommended you to watch this film.
  • It's was shown on Adult Swim in April Fools Day from 2009-2011.
  • It now has a fan song cover called roomscan. . *COUGH-VEG REPLACE-COUGH*