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Best Student Council

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Best Student Council (Gokujou Seitokai) is an anime show distributed by KONAMI and J.C. Staff. The show is about a young girl named Rino Rando. Since her mother passed away, a pen-pal named Mister Poppit sent her to Miyagami Academy, a student-ran middle/high school. Later in the 2nd Episode, Rino Gets welcomed to The Best Student Council. The President of Miyagami Academy is the "Lustrous and Mysterious" Kanade Jinguji.

Media Information[edit]

  • Type of source: Anime
  • Creators: Yoshiaki Iwasaki, KONAMI, J.C. Staff, Anime Network
  • Dates: April 6, 2005 to September 28, 2005
  • Country of Origin: Japan
  • English Dub: Anime Network


  • Rino Rando (Main Character)
  • Kanade Jinguji (President)
  • Puuchan (The Puppet)
  • Nanaho Kinjo (Assault Squad V.P.)
  • Kuon Ginga (Covert Squad V.P.)
  • Mayura Ichikawa (Accountant)
Covert Squad[edit]
  • Seina & Minamo Katsura
  • Kotoha Kutsugi
  • Ayumu Ome
Assault Squad[edit]
  • Rein Tsunamoto
  • Sayuri Hida
  • Kaori Izumi
Utility Squad[edit]
  • Cyndi Manabe (Also Executive)
Other Characters[edit]
  • Shieri Rando (Rino's Mother)
  • Wakana Hirata (School Nurse)
  • Yukimi Itami (School Teacher)
  • Haru Tsunamoto (Rein's Father; Addicted to Gambling)
  • Yuko Kimizuka (Sayuri's old Kendo Partner)
  • Lance (Puuchan's Long Lost Brother, Also a Puppet)
  • Sunday Manabe (Cyndi's Mother. Has a southern dialect)
  • Riyuhatta Iwazukura (Kanade's Rival)


  • 30 Episodes total (Including 2 lost ones)


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