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Qsoft1.JPG This article is about a type of Software used in making poops.

4ormulator is an audio plugin for Vegas Pro used to make bizarre sounds. The VST is well known for its interesting effects and it makes IL Vocodex look like 8kps audio in comparison. However, it is much more obscure than Vocodex.


  • 32 high-quality audio presets.
  • Sounds really fucking amazing.


  • The demo version won't save your effects, so add in Non-Realtime.
  • Has been known to make Vegas crash.

Where to Find[edit]

You can get it on the official website here: . Be sure to download the VST, and when done installing copy the .dll to the VSTplugins folder. This is a demo version, and like IL Vocodex, it will not save the effects. Therefore, it is recommended to add them in

Poopers who use 4ormulator[edit]