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Super Smash Bros. Dimension

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Super Smash Bros. Dimension was a planned project by YouTube Pooper Titleinlarge, which was intended as a parody of the Super Smash Bros. series with YouTube Poop characters. Production on the project ultimately proved to be considerably short-lived, with the project having become infamous for the response by the YouChew community.

A screenshot from Super Smash Bros. Dimension.


The project seemed to have undergone a troubled production from the very start, as Titleinlarge's software had not been working prior to production, and due to the removal of Dr. Rabbit YouTube Poops by the Colgate-Palmolive company. Following Titleinlarge's discovery of a fix for his software and the creation of a new YouTube account for him by Pimpsahoy, Title was back in business, and began undertaking Super Smash Bros. Dimension.

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Another promotional picture from his project.

The project was a planned fan game primarily involving YouTube Poop-related characters, brawling in a Super Smash Bros.-style setting. On DeviantART, Titleinlarge uploaded his various Adobe Photoshop renditions of the characters, situated in templates similar to the ones found on the Super Smash Dojo website, along with information on the characters' planned moves. Additionally, he also posted updates concerning the project.

Choice of Characters[edit]

In addition to the YouTube Poop characters, the "game" would've also featured various other video game characters (e.g. Klonoa), a former Poop Stealer known as Elbothehedgehog (represented as a Shadow the Hedgehog recolor), and even one of Title's original characters called "Wint", who some speculated would have been Titleinlarge's avatar in the game.

Response from the YouChew Community[edit]

However, the project was met with strong criticism from some of the members at YouChew. They had vocally criticized the project for various reasons, the primary of which stemming from the community's position towards Flash Poops, being considered to not be "real" YouTube Poops and disapproving of anybody creating them. Criticism also was directed towards the choice of characters, including Klonoa (due to being a character not associated with YouTube Poop), Lopunny (with the critics accusing Titleinlarge of lusting after the character), and Wint (due to being an original character, again not having to do with YouTube Poop). Insults against him began to become very abundant on his YouTube channel and DeviantART page.

The End of Super Smash Bros. Dimension[edit]

In May 2008, Titleinlarge suddenly disappeared by closing his YouTube account, removing all of his Deviations, and hiding all of the comments on his page. This is said to have been caused by Titleinlarge's depression, as the project was simply too ambitious and he couldn't stand the pressure of both developing the thing and receiving inflammatory comments. SkyBlueFox purports that his disappearance was a decision by his parents, as the amount of hate comments towards him had grown beyond control, necessitating action from his parents.

Aftermath and Community Introspective[edit]

Though Titleinlarge's fleeing of the Internet has caused disappointment in his fans, other more cynical people consider him weak and to be his own downfall, saying that it was too large of a project for one person to undertake in his freetime. Regardless of one's view, the consensus of the majority of the YouChew community is that the criticism directed towards Titleinlarge escalated much further than necessary, devolving from constructive criticism into personal attacks against him.

In 2013, YouChew user SkyBlueFox created a thread on YouChew to reflect upon the drama that had been ongoing at the time, prompting further discussion by the community, including YouChew founder Conrad Slater.