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Poop Stealers

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The first ever Youtube Poop Stealer as he is seen right here.

"Poop Stealers" are, to simply put it, those who copy Youtube Poops from other poopers (generally those who are famous) and upload them without crediting the original creator. Despite more popular poopers being especially susceptible, these guys will sometimes copy off more obscure poopers. Sometimes, they are actually poopers on an alt account, doing this just to see how people react. They are a type of troll, therefore, stop wasting your life on spamming them and defeat them by ignoring their actions.


Supposedly, the first "official" poop stealer was called ElboTheHedgehog (pictured right). At the time, he angered many poopers and poop fans by simply taking the videos of others and reuploading them, but eventually he deleted all his stolen videos and became a normal pooper, saying that poops are more fun to make than to steal.

Though this satisfied many who were originally upset by Elbo's careless copycat attitude, his words did not stop others from following in his footsteps. Elbo's actions were the start of a new trend in Youtube Poop, as soon, others aspired to upload others' poops as well on alternate accounts. Many names of the stealers ended in "TheHedgehog" as perhaps a tribute to Elbo.


At the beginning, when it first started, poop stealing was often frowned upon, but nowadays it is often praised by a few. That doesn't stop the hateful comments from coming in, nor does it stop people from doing this, despite its lack of popularity in recent times. Many thieves often reupload videos as an easy method of trolling, in other words trying to get a reaction out of people. Their efforts are quickly rewarded as many spiteful comments pour in on their stolen videos as well as on said stealer's page.


Infamous Poop Stealers[edit]

  • ElbotheHedgehog (Founder, retired)
  • Gangstanam (Killed in Action)
  • 00b00bthehedgehog (And his supposed alt)
  • thisisaids (Killed in Action)
  • AnotherTheHedgehog
  • gangstanamisBACKsuck
  • linkl23456
  • PoorLenoTheHedgehog
  • Imakegoodpoops
  • Everyone who reuploaded WalrusGuy's old videos when he got suspended and THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN back when it was audioswapped. (Actually, these are sort of good Youtube Poop Stealers, so yeah.)
  • IceSumo (Recently.)
  • raybrundle(Killed in Action)
  • hitrkic
  • DrCowWattersonian (also edits them w/ YT editor.)