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Princess Sally Acorn

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Name: Sally Acorn
Appears In: Sonic the Hedgehog
Sex: Female
Age: 19
Occupation(s): Princess turned killer for hire

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Princess Sally Acorn is a squirrel, chipmunk, or both (the choice is yours) who lives in the village of Knothole. She was born pink-furred, but later switched to being brown. Her hair was short originally, but in later times, she let her long hair hang down and fell head over heels for Sonic the Hedgehog, but recently cut her hair back to normal size. She was the one who invented the 'Funny Kiss'.

In recent times, a fellow by the name of GasmaskAvenger partially reinvented her as an assassin who has killed off characters such as Chris Crocker, Amy Rose & film director John Landis, only to meet an unfortunate death in the hands of the Angry Video Game Nerd & The Terminator.

Although she still makes appeareances from time to time in various Youtube Poops, GasmaskAvenger has rarely used her in recent times, though SergeantBacon has taken partial ownership with Gasmask after their tennis match


Counting problems[edit]

Sally also has trouble counting and naming five numbers. Bunnie Rabbot, her half-bunny, half-robot friend, tried helping her in one Poop, but it didn't work out as planned. Sally had a hard life due to being unable to remember her phone number, social security number, street address, or birth date. The government excused her for this by labeling her as legally retarded.


Sanity Issues[edit]

Sally, whom initially was sane, has recently descended into madness, thus explaining why she turned from the royal kingdom to forming a self-hired gun business.

Despite being missing in Knothole, Sal had profited tremendously from her murderous activities, despite eventually killing off John Landis, whom Arnold Schwarzenegger had been hunting down after discovering the infamous Twilight Zone: The Movie helicopter accident



On September 18, 2008, Sally was killed by The Terminator & The Angry Video Game Nerd after showing up to avenger the (Now Confirmed Fake) death of GasmaskAvenger, though rumors have been spreading that it wasn't Sally herself, but a robot from the future


Rumors have it that she'll has a prominent resurface in an upcoming GasmaskAvenger Youtube Poop, but only time will tell...

As of 3/01/09, Sally was spotted jogging with Doc Louis & LadyDevimon & was found running through The Pink Palace while Coraline was collecting Fireflies and looking for Whybie

Despite these brief cameos, no actual news of a full-blown return has been leaked to the public, thus Sally's triumphant return is still in the air...