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Poop Recycling

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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.
{{#ev:youtube|aKgAdCCOA7U|320}}A video that shows an original project and a recycled project along side each other.

Poop Recycling or Veg Replacement is a method where someone takes a project file from a video editor and uses a replace command on a video file imported into the project. Although people knew about this feature earlier, it didn't gain much attention until August 2011 when TheRaz0rEdge posted a thread about it.(now archived)

The thread became a place for poopers to share project files to use in replacements until it became archived due to inactivity. The project files posted are still downloadable for your replacement pleasure.

How to Do Poop Recycling[edit]

Sony Vegas[edit]

When you open the project to replace, Vegas will tell you that files are missing. Select Replace All and then you can select the files you want to add. You can also replace files individually by going to the project media tab and right clicking a source and selecting Replace.


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Poop Recycling in EditStudio

In EditStudio you can replace a source by going to File then Update Project Files.... Select a source and then, click Change File.


  • .veg files used in Vegas Pro Versions are not compatible with .vf Movie Studio versions.
    • Likewise Adobe Premiere Pro files are not compatible with Premiere Elements.
  • Vegas files are only backwards compatible. Meaning that Vegas 8 files can't be opened in Vegas 5 but, Vegas 5 files can be opened in Vegas 8.
  • If you have a project file that uses extra effects plugins, they won't appear unless you have the same plugins installed.