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Jay Sherman

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Name: Jay Sherman
Appears In: The Critic
Sex: Male
DOB: 1958 (age 65–66)
Nationality: American
Occupation(s): Film Critic on the TV show Coming Attractions
Played By: John Lovitz

Jay Sherman is a character on the aninated TV show The Critic, where he a film critic on his own TV show Coming Attractions. He lives in New York City.


Jay was born in 1958, as an orphan, who was adopted by Franklin and Elanore Sherman. When he was a baby, he was dropped on his head, and, in 1972, was sent accidentally to Attica Prison instead of summer camp.

In 1985, Jay started his TV carreer with Coming Attractions, as a film critic.

In 1991, while covering the Gulf War, Jay was captured by Iraq, accused of illegally impersonating Saddam Hussein.


Jay Sherman Jay Sherman


Jay Sherman Jay Sherman


Jay Sherman Jay Sherman

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  • Is responsible for the 71519 poop fad.
  • Thinks that everything stinks, especially shitty movies.
  • Is friends with Australian actor Jeremy Hawke, where, ironically, his review of one of his movies was the only positive review.
  • Has appeared several times on the Simpsons, both as an actual character, and also in a cameo where he is in a mental institution, saying "It Stinks" over and over.