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General Rules and Introduction

This wiki is moderated; you can be as creative as you want, but remember that we have guidelines. Pages filled with made-up stuff are fine but that nonsense should not extend to the actual structure or framework of this wiki and should be balanced by a few facts.

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If your words come out looking like this, you probably shouldn't bother editing here.

This wiki is entirely moderated and pages/other things that are not up to snuff will be deleted. Please keep the following in mind when editing or creating a new page:

  • Absolutely no hate speech. This includes racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, etc content (yes, this includes the 'r-word' and other unacceptable language nowadays). This wiki, unfortunately, had a knack for this sort of content in its early days. We don't want it back here again.
  • No abusive behavior whatsoever is tolerated. Don't create pages to mock or bully others, or vandalize their talk pages with abusive language.
  • No NSFW art, images, or content allowed. The language can get a bit blue, but please keep all images PG-13. This includes pornography, shock images, etc.
  • This wiki is in English, so please write using proper, semi-formal English. You can write in foreign languages on your user page if you'd wish, and we'll allow exceptions for certain situations.

Note that these are a non-exhaustive general ruleset that can change at any time, and moderation is ultimately at sysop discretion (though we will be as fair as we can possibly be). Violating these rules will earn you a block.

It is the intention of the administrators that this wiki's usefulness should be equal to its comedic/artistic value, so please respect your fellow editors and make sure things don't get too zany. Go to some other comical wiki for that.

Do not disrespect your fellow editors, as they are only human, and it is human nature to make mistakes. Don't spam their talk pages with put-downs and phrases such as "go to hell", and don't act hard on them in edit summaries. If you do this, you will be blocked (more below). Even if a user does nothing but makes mistakes, leave that matter to a sysop.

If somebody places a {{delete}} tag on a page, that is a sign to improve it. If you work on the page and make it good, then the editor who marked it will have a change of heart and probably remove the tag. Remember: it is not a sign that the page will be deleted in five minutes. Rational sysops will tend to wait and discuss why a low-quality page has been marked before jumping ahead and deleting something just because they dislike it.

If you're too lazy to read through all of this, just check Chewiki:Policy for a brief summary.

For more information, read Help:Etiquette.

Sysops and Staff Members

See Help:Sysops and Staff Members

Other Guidelines

Notable Poops

It is often unnecessary to create articles about specific poops, and it is far better just to supply a YouTube link to the poop itself on a different page. If it is an extremely notable poop that deserves its own page (for milestones such as more than a million views or referenced as being highly influential by many), please start the entry with this code:



Making redirects are fine, such as poopers with alternate names (for instance, "SkyGuy16" and "Triple sSs" can redirect to "SkyGuy16 (Triple sSs)" because those are his online names), characters with nicknames (but this should be done rarely), or alternate spellings (Tom and Jerry/Tom & Jerry). Do NOT create a redirect if you made a typo when spelling a link. This just clogs the indexes with misspellings and is pretty lazy, so just fix it yourself.


When making articles for sources, make sure they are not biased and include as much relevant information as possible. If the "Used in poop by" is blank, what the hell is that page doing here? Kill it! A good source page should have every or nearly all sections filled.

Go to this page for an idea of how to make a source page.


Pooper pages can be personal, but not too personal. Write in Third-person, these are articles, not Facebook. Make sure most information is relevant to poop. Real-life stuff can go in the notes. Humor is appreciated, but remember to use proper English. When making an article for another pooper, make sure you know enough about them to make a full page.

When you create a pooper article make sure User: is not in the title, or else the page will not be searchable in the main index, nor will it be found with the Random Redirect. See Help:Namespaces for more information.

Go here for the layout of what a pooper page should be like.


Please read this page for guidelines with character pages.


Templates are easy to use, but not as easy to make. Remember, only make templates if they will benefit us. If they are useless, there's no point in putting a lot of effort into them. It's best to discuss a potentially-controversial template before creating it.

Here is a list of all templates that are currently active, and an explanation of what they do. Check there to see if your idea has been taken.


Images should preferably be JPG files, PNGs or GIFs. BMP and TIF files will not show up here, so don't upload them. Please don't use the wiki as a hosting service for your images. We don't have the server space to do that.

Now, for the big deal: when uploading a picture, things that are NSFW or might offend some viewers are unacceptable. As mentioned earlier, image content should be PG-13 maximum. Images of barely-clad people should be used only when appropriate and only when it is not meant to be erotic (compare: if relevant, an image of a woman walking around a city naked ((albeit censored)) or in lingerie while middle-aged men stare would be funny, but an image of a naked woman posing saucily is erotic, even if relevant). Images containing bare female breasts or genitalia (male or female) or graphic sexual acts will be deleted on target.

Pages in General

Remember: when one is making a page, put some backbone into it. Even if you make a ton of pages, we prefer quality over quantity, so if most of them are barebones they will be deleted. You are creating a page for entertainment or educational value, not to fill the void of it not existing. Also, if you don't have many ideas for a page, just write a rough draft in a word processor such as Notepad or Word, save it, and come back to it when you get more inspiration.

Articles and other such things irrelevant to the Chewiki will be deleted.