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Family Matters

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Name: Family Matters
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Live Action Sitcom
Created By: Warner Bros.
Year Created: 1989
Year Ended: 1998

Family Matters is a sitcom that's mainly notable for one little bastard. It was from the late 80s throughout almost all of the 1990s.


  • Carl Winslow: He's definately the most popular son of a bitch around these parts. This nigga is a mothafuckin' cop around these parts. Carl also knows that the reason why he has his wife around is because she wants to stay! Speaking of which...
  • Harriette Winslow 1: She's a bitch who's married to the hunk Carl. Sometimes, she has a hard time believing all the things she's seen before. She's also the reason why her sister and her boy was around their house.
  • Harriette Winslow 2: During the midway point of the last season, the original one was replaced by someone else. Since she didn't do that much, we'll just move on from here on out.
  • Eddie Winslow: He's the second popular motherfucker around this show. Edward's had a lot of friends, which range from a white kid to two troublemaking black folks to even a couple of girlfriends here and there. Eventually, he gave up college and ended up being a cop, just like his dad.
  • Laura Winslow: She's the bitch that some nerd always wants. Laura eventually ended up getting engaged to that nerd, but for now we'll talk about what she does. Well, other than chase off said nerd and having a weird rival, that's pretty much it.
  • Judith Winslow: She's the little sister that was found in the Winslow's house. Judith never did have her own episode, and she got dropped out of existance altogether. What bad luck for her.
  • Estelle Winslow: She's the old lady around these parts. Estelle is the mother of Carl. She always knows how to be hip with the others. Hell, she doesn't even mind having unwanted company around.
  • Rachel Crawford: She's a lady that sometimes appears in the Winslow's house. Rachel lives with the Winslow's because her husband died and she was left with only one son. Also, Rachel's the sister of Harriette, which explains why she's even in their house in the first place.
  • Richie Crawford 1: He's a tiny one-year old boy. Contrary to popular belief, he's played by twins (named Joseph & Julius Wright), like some other show that we know of. He didn't appear so much, so we'll move on here.
  • Richie Crawford 2: Now this is the Richie you all know of. Somehow, he appeared to age to the age of 3 or 4 when we first saw him. Richie has been known to be a little bit mischievious child that we usually know of. He's also had the tendency to call a a certain guest his "uncle".
  • Waldo Faldo: Waldo's such a retard. Usually when he says something, he either wasn't supposed to say it or it become miscombobulated. He knows a lot of cousins, which can explain some weird things involved. He's known to have a daughter named "Quesadilla". Eventually, he becomes a chef. Ultimately, he's known as Eddie's best friend.
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Did we also forget to mention that he was also a member of Full House?
  • Steve Urkel: You all knew this would happen. You all knew that those red links found in there would reference him. And you're right about that. He's Steve Urkel, the most popular character around. He was so popular, the show ended up going from the Winslow family to the Winslow's with Steve Urkel to just the Steve Urkel Show.
  • Myra Monkhouse: She's the ultimate bitch around this show. At first, she seemed like the nice girlfriend that Steve always wanted. But then, Myra ended up being a psycho bitch that couldn't handle rejection too well. Ultimately, she's now dead.

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