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Ytp sexer

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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.

ytp sexer is a video by SPIGOTTAN, formerly known as Domorato, uploaded on July 9, 2016. A Round 66 in a seemingly endless and anarchistic Youtube Poop Tennis match against JimPaladin, It has unexpectedly become one of the most recent videos in Youtube Poop to have been labeled a classic, being cited for its post-ironic qualities and is frequently positioned amongst other YTPs considered the all time best. It currently has over 43,000 views and is frequently referenced and cited for its influence by the newer generations of YTPers. A "ytp sexer collab" was made subsequently, featuring contributions from many YTPers including a few older names.


On April 12, 2016, JimPaladin created a thread in the "Tennis: In Progress" section on Youchew titled "domorato vs. jimpaladin two weirdos of the poop world colide". The opening post contained his serve along with "Ha Ha Been awhile since I made one of this crazy vids but here goes nothing. Round 1 hope you like it and look forward to seeing what domorato "cooks" up (did I say that right LMFAO?)". Round 2 was posted two hours later, and the match from there progressed and devolved at a mind bogglingly rapid pace, making it to 27 rounds by the end of the month, all of which made mostly very miniscule edits to the previous rounds, showing a clear progression. at about this point, the match began to become even more lawless, as videos were posted as the next rounds but were otherwise entirely unrelated traditionally to the match at hand at all, and some round numbers were either skipped entirely, posted out of order, or twice. Losmno joined the match at what would have generally been Round 45, but this was volleyed into what Domorato labelled as Round 45 instead. It was two months after this that "ytp sexer" was posted, initially unlisted on July 9, before becoming public 2 years and 4 days later. The match stalled at either Round 99 or 100 (the former seemed to be posted after the latter) when both Domo and Jim were banned from the forums once again. Their subsequent rounds were posted by Nettika on their behalf, the match reaching as far as Round 104 before the thread ended. While not adhering to and in many cases completely ignoring orthodox tennis conventions, this technically could be considered as the first 100+ round tennis match in history.


The video is very crudely edited and features mostly low quality footage from Toy Story 1. Featuring quick cuts of Buzz Lightyear saying BITCH and SHUT THE FOCK UP in different voices along with other kitsch sex phrases, some of which appeared in previous rounds of the match, intercut with a low gutteral explosion sound being played alongside different sections of video, including an actual explosion and woody hitting the end of a stair railing. Other outsorced bits of audio appear throughout giving the video a deliberately meta-nonsensical feel. At one point buzz and woody are shown to presumably be fucking due to the music present, and small bits from other sources such as Arthur and Futurama(in meme form) are visible at places too. This shit is so grotesquely unfunny it makes Kathy Griffin look good in comparison.

YTP Sexer Videos[edit]

In spring of 2019 YTP Sexer became an iconic meme in the YTP Community. Many poopers started making YTPs of this iconic YTP re-editing it in new ways. YTP Sexer went from being a funny iconic YTP to being a mainstream meme. YTP Sexer even has it's own Know Your Meme Page about it.