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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.


MrAlgoran is a pooper of Latin American origin and therefore is dedicated to creating youtube poops Hispanics, but has also been uploading poops in English lenguage. The reception was pleasant and many consider responsible for keeping the Hispanic community youtube poop until early 2015.

First steps[edit]

He started upload poops in February 2013 into an account with the same name (MrAlgoran) that had been open since 2011. From the beginning his videos were well received by the public despite their limited experience with the poopism. Its success is attributed to the use of elaborate sentence mix to the point of not needing subitutles.

Career as pooper[edit]

In 2013 was one of the only ones still Hispanics poopers in activity, besides being of the few who made good videos. This period is known in the community as "the dark ages" due to the ytph into decline this year by the massive withdrawal of most veterans poopers. In 2014, MrAlgoran with the help of other poopers users collaborate on what would be the lifting of Hispanic youtube poop. Aimed to achieve this by performing tournaments, tutorials on how to do sentence mix and motivating poopers novices to improve their videos. In 2015 reduced its share in the world of Hispanic youtube poop and limited to criticize the mediocrity that has been reigning in the ytph since early this year.


MrAlgoran Returns[edit]

Was an alternate account MrAlgoran which is now closed by the same creator. considered the best stage MrAlgoran as it upload to youtube poops that reached 2 million views. The best of his repertoire poop "The double standards of cascarudo crustacean" A poop on SpongeBob and considered his best video.


In 2015 the ytph became popular thanks to MrAlgoran, but unfortunately the popularity was being exploited by poopers to which the same MrAlgoran called "pooper poser" which means: A pooper who makes mediocre poops because it's fashionable and that makes increase its views and subscribers, thinking that gets fame. In the same year he attacked the YTPH Wiki with vandalic articles, this caused that a wave of trolls would join to the vandalism. Nowadays the YTPH Wiki was deleted by the Wikia Staff.


He got his influence other Latin poopers such as parodiadoranimado, criticalshock, orbisderibeo, satanjagger, davasato, tinyracoon, among others.


several current renowned Hispanic poopers owe is fame for the support received from MrAlgoran, among them: MONSTERciel masiel, pepe luguillo, vanina d'heart, unchi, Gah el supermodelo noruego, among others.


Despite its negativity towards present and future generations of Hispanic youtube poop is considered responsible for reviving the Hispanic youtube poop, precisely because they left the "dark ages" and having supported the poopers rookies in 2014. Because the poop has declined this year by the appearance of a lot of mediocre poopes, the most loyal audience is on the side of MrAlgoran supporting their criticism of current Hispanic poop.