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RobotnikIsm.png This article describes a recognised Poopism: a method of video editing that has been used by a number of poopers.
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{{#ev:youtube|m0g0RB1Mq8s|320}}An early version of Erosion.
{{#ev:youtube|oq1un7Bx6IY|320}}Erosion in 2011.
{{#ev:youtube|cf6xJct9R0M|320}}Erosion's modern day equivalent.
{{#ev:youtube|V1es-snsipI|320}}Erosion in Windows Movie Maker.

Erosion or sometimes referred to as Visual Rape or Effect Spamming is basically making a clip look bad with the help of various visual effects and most of the time accompanied by Ear Rape. Combining and customizing different effects can produce an array of visual displays. Poops that frequently use Erosion and Ear Rape are often referred to as Rape Poops. Youtube Poop Tennis is a great show of this poopism.

Effects That Are Commonly Used[edit]

Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere[edit]

  • Color Curves
  • Gradient Map
  • HSL Adjust
  • Light Rays
  • Mirror
  • Convolution Kernel
  • Unsharp Mask (Set the amount to -10 or -50)
  • Spherize
  • Pinch
  • Pixelate
  • Swirl
  • Min and Max
  • Threshold

Erosion Effects in Movie Maker[edit]

  • Glowing Edges
  • Emboss
  • Paint Daubs
  • Photocopy
  • PIP Transitions

Third-Party Plugins[edit]

If you want to download these plugins (besides the WMM plugins), you can find the links on the YTPMania Downloads List forum post.



Virus is a poopism similar to Erosion but uglier and nastier. A complete breakdown of a coherent image and often accompanied by extremely loud and relentless noise. The state of the image, while perhaps beings of an identifiable origin, has been so abused that codec artifacts and the like are very common.

Transition Abuse[edit]

{{#ev:youtube|JoE9re9Ffl0|320}}One of the earliest examples of a video that uses Transition Abuse which can be seen throughout this video.

Transition Abuse (also known as Transition Spam) is a rather unique form of visual rape that has started to surface more recently than others. Unlike other forms of erosion, it focuses more on transitions than effects, though effects used on clips can be combined with transition abuse. It consists of either a very fast paced use of transitions that usually has no intention to actually transition to a visually different clip but rather to be used as a visual effect itself or to be similar to a Stutter Loop Plus. It can also be used along with multi-rendering or have it layered on top of each other. This method seems to work best on Vegas Pro but it can also be done with Windows Movie Maker usually by multi-rendering. This method is often less colorful than other forms of erosion.

Ambient Erosion[edit]

Ambient Erosion is quieter and more relaxing than the above. It is often accompanied by soft music, a low hum, or an echo. This poopism instead focuses the viewer's attention on the colorful visuals rather than the destruction of the source's audio.

Stutter Erosion[edit]

Stutter Erosion is a variation of the Stutter Loop Plus where you take the effects of Erosion on each Stutter to make it look like he's on speed. This is more used with Fast Paced Poopers.


{{#ev:youtube|8l9dkKYRBYo|320}}One of the earliest and most famous examples of multirendering, starting at 0:52.
{{#ev:youtube|qPBQDzxOA7c|320}}A more modern take on multirendering. Note how the renders "flow" together.

Multirenders are a poopism that are the ultimate erosion technique. It involves taking a very short piece of video then repeatedly adding heavy video and audio effects over and over again, rendering each time. Afterwards every 'render' is displayed in order creating a 'progression' that is very cool to look at done right. They were popularized in 2012 by Gamebop and 2015 by Username 99 and have since become a common trend often blended together with many other erosion techniques.