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The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab 3

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This article is about a YTP Collab. Bring your Friends!

"The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab 3 (Working Title)" is the 12th and Final YTP Collab hosted by IsaiahTheVargas1117 and the sequel to "The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab" and The Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab 2: Simpsons BOOgaloo. This collab is set to release in 5 episodes every Saturday in October of 2020.


With the positive reception of the first 2 Treehouse collabs, some fans were wanting to see a third installment. Isaiah initially wanted to avoid making a third Treehouse collab, due to repetition, as well as a need to do other projects. Isaiah stated this in a video that was released soon after the release of Treehouse 2. Months passed and soon, many of Isaiah's initial ideas fell through and eventually, Isaiah changed his mind and began ideas for a third Treehouse collab.

The Collab was originally supposed to be a completely private story-based collab, which would follow a story of Aliens invading Springfield on Halloween and the events that would follow as a result. While many ideas were suggested, the idea would eventually fall through, due to concerns of it being "Too Ambitious" and fears of failure pushed Isaiah to change the layout of the collab to a similar style of the first two collabs, with some changes.

Not much is known about the collab, besides a few new limitations and ideas for release. This collab, unlike the first two, will be an invite-only collab, where the host invites people he feels he would like involved in the collab. Isaiah has stated this is a way to remedy to long running time that dragged down the first two collabs, as well as retain a sense of quality entries, over a large amount of entries. With the change to the collab, a Teaser trailer was released by Isaiah in March of 2020, not only fully confirming a third collab, but also a release date of October in 2020, one year earlier than the initial release date of 2021 with the story-based collab idea.


The collab will once again feature 5 new segments for entrants to poop. These segments are yet to be fully revealed, as well as whether series elements like commercials will return for the third collab.


The collab has been set to release in October 2020. Unlike the first two collabs, The 5 segments involved in the collab will be seperated into "episodes" which will be released every saturday in October, with the finale releasing on Halloween day. Isaiah has said that this is because many people are turned away from the long running times of Treehouse 1 and 2, and that people find it harder to watch hour long collabs in one sitting, as opposed to 20-30 minute collabs. By separating the collab into episodes would make it easier to watch for viewers, and would not come off as "too much" to others. Isaiah has said there may be a release of the collab later that may have all 5 segments combined like the first two, although this is yet to be confirmed.