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PoopsNice.jpg This article is about a notable YouTube Poop.
{{#ev:youtube|bSLdKbWNnRQ|320}}All One Second Collaborations (except for 9.5 and ten)

"THE ONE SECOND COLLAB" is a series of YouTube poop collaborations made by the people from YouTube & YouChew. It was founded by McMaNGOS, a former YTPMVer. His account was suspended, leaving his videos and the one second collabs behind, but reuploaded by TheCaledioScope in a trilogy.

The Main Collabs[edit]


{{#ev:youtube|85kd2UN1FXA|320}}The original.

The first official collab was uploaded in June 2008. It had 30 participants, including McMaNGOS himself. The full collab was half a minute.


{{#ev:youtube|dU4aEMVI8OE|320}}The 2nd collab.

The second official collab was hosted in Q2 2009. Unlike the previous collab, it had more participants, at least 56. The full collab was about a minute long.


{{#ev:youtube|HhvXS1hwdEA|320}}The third collab.

The final official collab before McMaNGOS's account was suspended. It was uploaded in 2010. It had even more participaters, ranging at 77 cpeople joining. It is unknown if McMaNGOS is making/hosting another official collab.

Unofficial/Fan Collabs[edit]

Scope's Collabs[edit]

These collabs were hosted by TheCaledioScope


The 4th one was hosted in 2010. It had 33 participators.


The 5th one was hosted in 2011. It had 69 participators. (Heh heh, 69.)


The 6th one was hosted by GLaDOS996 in 2013. It had 30 participaters, like in the original. This was hosted on YouTube though, unlike the collabs that were hosted and brought on YouChew.


The 7th one was hosted by NationOfOranges696 in Early 2014, unlike the original collabs which were hosted in the summer.


The 8th one was hosted by marukoification, a G-Modder/SFMer. Unlike these collabs, this one had featured collab entries which were made in G-Mod and Source Filmmaker, due to the fact that marukoification originally started this as a g-mod collab, until part of the ytp community also got involved with this. It was hosted after the 8th one was uploaded, or during the time the 7th one was still around. It had 102 entries, making this the longest collaboration in the series. It also introduced double/2nd try entries.

9 & 9.5[edit]

9 and 9.5 were hosted by TheVArious7 at the end of 2013 & TeamTaito Nahtanoj at Q1 2014. 9 had 35 entries with multiple entries accepted. 9.5 had 25 entries, making it a very limited collab.

10 (The Big Finale)[edit]

In 2014, NationOfOranges696 & YouChew agreed to plan the FINAL 1 second collab at summer time. It will have 120 entries/participants total, making it longer then #8. It will be the final 1 second collab to end all 1 second collaborations. It is clearly unknown if McMaNGOS will be having a return.


Since iamoutofideas1's 7 Second Collab & Under 1 Second Collab 3 was released, it has seemed that an abundance of X second collabs were created and made by the same groups of individuals over and over again with little waiting periods. This has lead to a growing distaste for 1 second collabs and X second collabs as a whole.