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The Amazing World of Gumball

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Name: The Amazing World of Gumball
Type of Source: Animated TV show
Created By: Ben Bocquelet
Year Created: 2011

Number of Seasons: 5
Number of Episodes: 196

First Poop: YouTube Poop: Gumball and Darwin Time Travel (by Trudermark)

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The Amazing World of Gumball (abbreviated: TAWoG) is a great animated TV show that airs on Cartoon Network regularly. The show revolves around the lives of a dysfunctional family who fail to attend to daily needs without being over-reactive about everything, spastic, and most of all, just completely irrelevant to everything in modern existence. The vast majority of the plot for the episodes in the show is bizarre and completely irrational to several degrees. In a typical episode, a character (or characters) make a drastic mistake that they have to rectify, prompting that they learn from the consequences of said mistake, the only twist is that during the resolution of these troubles, the storyline gets even more crazy and pathetically extreme for the viewer, often to the point of misunderstanding or just general confusion. The first season and some of the second season's episodes are piles of garbage but the 3rd season onwards is godly.

Every episode has to begin with "The", followed by a word (The Meddler, The Kiss, The Party, etc.), the only two exceptions of this would be "Halloween" and "Christmas", but nobody cares about those episodes.


  • Gumball Watterson: An ADHD-ridden, 12-year-old, anthropomorphic, cat who is the main character of the show. He is was voiced by some stupid kid named Logan Grove up to the finale of Season 2.
  • Darwin Watterson: A living goldfish, who grew legs. He is Gumball's adoptive brother and is always by his side in the most stupid of situations that happens in each episode.
  • Anais Watterson: Four-year-old sister with an IQ as great as Albert Einstein. Anais often reluctantly helps Gumball and Darwin whenever they are in the deepest of shit. For whatever reason, she can attend the same school which caters to 15-year-olds at the same time, unless there is some kind of age division, or the school is massive and caters to students of all ages, I dunno what the fuck someone like Anais is doing there at four years of age.


  • Nicole Watterson: The mother of the three Watterson siblings, who is the main subject of Rule 34 fanart when it comes to this show (hi mike inel). She has anger problems comparable to that of Benson in Regular Show. No joke. She's also in this god awful fanfic where she dates Gembol (Gumball) A.K.A HER OWN DAMN SON [1]
  • Richard Watterson: Homer Simpson
  • Penny Fitzgerald: Gumball's main love interest, she is an anthropomorphic, antlered peanut who has a typical, sexually active tween attitude towards her peers. Bocquelet must have been smoking some heavy crack to come up with this idea for a character. The most annoying aspect about Penny is that the stupid fantards who tune into this show believe that despite being a living peanut, she is a furry dear underneath her shell, just doing a Google search on her will return countless, crappy fanfics by bored 12-year-olds who can't type correctly for the life of them.
  • Carrie Kreuger: Some emo brat who fantards constantly mistake for being Gumball's love interest, much like with Penny, there are hundreds of cheesy fanfics on the Internets that try to support that the two characters are in a relationship, when really they aren't, an example of this would be 'GumballxCarrieFans' [2]
  • Rachel Wilson: A 15-year-old tart who once hosted a party at her parents house, this was the main focus of "The Party", one of the most infamous episodes of this show. She is bossy, rude, and outright temperamental in front of her peers. She kissed Darwin in one episode, which caused a huge shitstorm on the fansites.

Along with a whole ton of other characters that are not worthy of being mentioned. All of the character descriptions in this link look like they were written by a 10-year-old. [3]


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The most overused episode for TAWoG Poops would probably go to "The Spoon", although some others have been used before, Season 1 episodes account for 99% of all TAWoG Poops. I'm not fucking kidding.

Another overused episode is The Joy for some reason. I honestly have no idea why it's so popular in the Gumball YouTube Poop community like it's a great episode but I still need answers.


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