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Oldgeezer.png This pooper is Retired. Respect your elders, sonny!
NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
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This article is about a Youtube Pooper that makes Flash Poops.


In September 2014, SAR, on his old retired Machinima channel announced that he was going to make a account for YTPing called SuperApexRainbows. His inspiration was from MoBrosStudios and SSBMEXPERT. His first YTP is a horriable YTP on a Beyblade commercial, and then he announced that he was practicing his software, and he would make a story poop.

In April 19th 2015, SuperApexRainbows returned after that video, which was about acouple of months, and starting working on new YTPS. One of his dream YTPs from back then besides Galaxy Shifted (the story poop) was a Pimp My Ride poop called Pimp My Poop. It was released, and sucked sometime. Another sucky YTP was a Spingebill poop. Sort of storylike, but not really. It flopped, even after 2 milliseconds after uploading, Viacom took it down! But he reuploaded it with a weird background, and the Fair Use rights. He also mirrored it to his ZippCast. He also made a generic Weegee short.

In May 7th 2015, SuperApexRainbows announced on YouChew that he was retiring, because of tiredness, and other projects to work on. His channel was retired and all of his projects are scrapped. Info is here:

But in April 2016, something happened. After a 11 month break, he uploaded a creepy 10 minute teaser called "sponge" and 2 days later, announced on the YouChew fourms that he is back and is now making a Spingebill YTP, better than any other. He then scrapped some projects and kept some projects. The planned sequel to Pimp My Poop, Pimp My Poop 2: Xzibit and GAS Vs. Poopers was going to be a collab, but then it was scrapped and was going to be a indepentant sequel. He also removed Futurama as his source, because he hated it because his dad kept on repeating every single sentance from the show. He still kept his favorites sources, Spongebob and Transformers: Cybertron, but some where added like TVFilthyFrank and Game Grumps.

On November 10th 2017, SuperApexRainbow's current internet alias, Blazerman2001, announced that he would be retiring from YTPs but mostly from the SuperApexRainbows name. (Source:

At the same time, he announced on the YouChew forums his final YTP, a collaboration with people from the YTP community to dedicate to him, with the deadline being on Martin Luther King Day 2018. (Source:

In Brief

We don't really know.

First Poop Seen

"Link's Game of Hot Potato ends in a Disaster" by SSBMEXPERT

First Poop Made

For Short: BEYBLADE: CANCER CUT For Traditional Poop: Spingebill gets it on with the Rotten Patty Complex For Story Poop: GALAXY SHIFTED, but it's fucking cancelled


Preferred Sources


  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015
  • Macromedia Flash 8
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 Pro
  • FL Studio 12

Fan Of


  • None


  • Messing around with software
  • Video gaming
  • Music Making
  • Mama Luigi
  • Story/Flash Poops


  • Shows that deserve to die due to their cringe factors
  • Really clickbait and worrying videos on YouTube
  • Loud Shit
  • Sus & Spadinner
  • Lewd Anime Girls
  • Christian Normie Shit & Praying
  • Getting Cyberbullied by assholes


  • A lot I guess


  • He was on a community full of witchhunting degenerates, not said.
  • He has allergies.
  • He is born on October 23rd 2001
  • He used to be a Mac user. He even tried to convince YouChew on a new rig.


  • UPDATE: He got a new PC


  • UPDATE 2: December 2016, he upgraded from his old rig to a newer rig.


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