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Space Buddies

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Space Buddies is a Disney film released directly to DVD in 2009. It is the third installment in the Air Buddies series, a spin-off of the Air Bud series, which is about a dog who plays sports. And not some random furry thing, just a regular golden retriever. That plays sports. Yeah. In this movie, Air Bud's puppies go into space after following their owners on a field trip and hiding on the rocket. It was also reviewed by Manwith10toes.


The Movie In a Nutshell

So basically, five puppies, B-Dawg, Budderball, Mudbud, Rosebud and Buddha have followed their owners on a field trip to a space centre, where the tour guide is played by Bill Fagerbakke. (That's right, Patrick). Also, there's a nerd guy named Finkle who keeps trying to sabotage their plan. So then, the puppies board a space shuttle and then get blasted off into space. Some gravity and food ensues. Then, they land on a Russian space colony where they meet Yuri, a crazy Russian guy played by Hoss Delgado/Batman, and his dog Sputnik (played by Jason Earles!). The buddies leave with Sputnik and then let Yuri die in an explosion. Some stuff happens, Sputnik needs to get home to his owner; I don't know, I'm doing this from memory. So then they land on the moon and Sputnik becomes the first dog to walk on the moon. Sputnik gains (and subsequently loses) an Indian accent. Finkle tries to sabotage the plan again by adjusting the plans so that the shuttle heads for an asteroid field. Then, a talking ferret appears to guide their way, and since I don't remember the rest, I'll just tell you that Budderball goes out to refuel the shuttle, they go into warp speed or something, Yuri survives and does a dance upon returning to Russia, the buddies make it back to Fernfield, and Sputnik is finally reunited with his owner. Finkle is discovered, and Bill Fagerbakke throws a town-wide party for the puppies. Cue a pop song at the credits.

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  • This movie is the third in the Air Buddies series, after Air Buddies and Snow Buddies. Why Manwith10toes chose to review the most recent is unknown.
  • Would probably be good pooping material.
  • Currently maintains a 102% rating on, even higher than the critically-acclaimed blockbuster smash hit Mr. Potatohead - The Motion Picture. And Good Burger.