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Return to the Planet of the Apes

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Name: Return to the Planet of the Apes
Country of Origin: USA
Type of Source: Animated TV show
Created By: DePatie-Freleng
Year Created: 1975

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Planet of the Apes is a cartoon based off the various movies which were aired in 1975. While the plot can be matched with the movies such as the mysterious human landing on the planet where he was treated by Dr. Zaius and the planet turned out to be Earth all along, the animation was very stiff and can be considered to be very ugly. In fact, this show was considered as one of the worst shows in the decade.

Media Infomation

  • Created by DePatie-Freleng (the same company who did the Pink Panther) for 20th Century Fox


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The ever popular ROGAS

Episodes etc

  1. Flames of Doom (9/6/1975)
  2. Escape from Ape City (9/13/1975)
  3. The Unearthly Prophecy (10/4/1975)
  4. Tunnel of Fear (9/27/1975)
  5. Lagoon of Peril (9/20/1975)
  6. Terror on Ice Mountain (11/22/1975)
  7. River of Flames (11/29/1975)
  8. Screaming Wings (10/11/1975)
  9. Trail to the Unknown (10/18/1975)
 10. Attack from the Clouds (10/25/1975)
 11. Mission of Mercy (11/1/1975)
 12. Invasion of the Underdwellers (11/8/1975)
 13. Battle of the Titans (11/15/1975)


This is what you'll be like when you first see the Return to the Planet of the Apes.

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